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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Son of A Bishop, My Testimony

A copy of my short book "Son of a Bishop, My Testimony" will make a wonderful & inspiring inexpensive Christmas gift or stocking stuffer for that very special friend or relative for only $10.00

I was inspired by God to share my very short personal testimony in order to reach out and encourage my brothers and sisters about the uncommon love and acceptance of Christ. Hopefully we will enlighten and sensitize the parents and religious leaders of the damage that has been done in the name of religion.

Son of a Bishop tells the emotionally powerful personal story of Samuel Marcus Brown’s childhood and how he overcame the shame of his sexual orientation in a deeply religious family. Samuel was very much aware that he was different from his siblings from an early age. As he became older, he began to question his own sexuality. With his strict upbringing in the church, he worried about it constantly. Throughout his life, he began to accept his sexuality. He began to question whether or not Christians should continue their disapproval of homosexuals. Although he has come to terms with his sexuality, he continues to search for God and use the Bible in order to find answers in his life. It is his intent to write in truthful and relatable language and hopefully his openness allows the reader to gain a better understanding of his life and the life of others.

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Be Blessed,

Samuel Marcus Brown