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Friday, April 1, 2011

American Idol's Jacob Lusk: The Oppressor's Bigotry is Losing in all Areas of Life...

 American Idol's Jacob Lusk: The Oppressor's Bigotry is Losing in all Areas of Life...
By Samuel Marcus Brown


Please patiently follow me in this posting as I attempt to make a point concerning the real bigots and oppressors in this life and tie this together with the incomparable 'Jacob Lusk' from this season of the 'American Idol' competition that is showcasing the most formidable contestants in 'American Idol' history.

An oppressor is someone or a system that harshly dominates or subject a person or a people to a harsh or cruel form of domination.
A bigot is basically an intolerant person who refuses to accept different views.

There are many forms and examples of personal, domestic and government wielded oppression that subjects people to harsh and cruel treatment.
We are now seeing the results of institutionalized oppression unraveling on a global basis; the proof is the unrest of the people in several Middle Eastern nations who've been under the oppression of dictators & tyrants for generations and are now fighting relentlessly for their freedom and the oppressors are losing in most of those countries.

Even here in the United States of America which is a fairly young nation that was built on the promises of equality for all  people; the land of the free and the home of the brave where everyone has the right to have life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; yes we have ours issues as well.
The USA's history of equality & freedom for all people is quite embarrassing based on the initial pretense of the development of this nation. However the oppression and the ills of USA Slavery, the oppression of the Women's Rights Movement,  the oppression & segregation of the Civil Rights Movement and the oppression & discrimination of the Gay Rights Movement; we are fortunate to say that the oppressor has completely lost regarding USA Slavery and is all but losing steam pretty badly regarding the rest of those cancerous ills in our society today.

The oppressors are everyday people like you and I who participate in forming systems and upholding those systematic institutions, religions and even attitudes that judges, discriminates and represses people often times in the name of tradition or religion; those individuals are called bigots.

A very good friend of mine asked for an update on the latest episode of 'American Idol' via text messaging since he missed it the night before; this particular friend is a very closeted, discreet same gender loving person who prides himself on only associating with other people who are like minded which was somewhat my method of operation once upon a time.
This particular friend and I are very much into critiquing music and the craft of singers, gifted singers & their voice qualities. I assumed that he and I would be in agreement that 'Jacob Lusk' is the best vocalist among the many other very talented and gifted singers on the show this year.
It was this part of the conversation that struck me to write this posting:

I will call my friend Dante to protect his identity. Knowing that Dante and I would be in agreement when I said that 'Jacob Lusk' was the best singer in the competition; Dante said  "Jacob is great, but for some reason I aint feeling him." Foreseeing my friend's mentality about certain people who are different... I stated "I hope that your reason for not feeling Jacob is not because he naturally possesses effeminate qualities?" Dante responded "I hope not either but when he performs he does kinda irk me" so I proceeded to make the point that Jacob's overall singing ability, range and voice quality is superior to the other male contestants; not making light of any of the other gifted singers. (I have other favorites as well)  Dante somewhat agreed that Jacob indeed sounds better but then Dante said "Maybe Jacob should try to hold it together so that he can win" (speaking of Jacob abandoning his natural effeminate qualities) I said to Dante that "you have just answered my 1st concern of when I asked you about Jacob's natural effeminate qualities; I knew that the truth would come out!"

I made the point that "Jacob's talent and ability is so great that he could win just being himself" 
Dante said "Yea, a great possibility but let's not forget that this is America and unfortunately they are not ready" then I said "America is changing for the better in many different aspects"...  "The bigots are starting to lose in all areas of life... there's a spiritual shift going on in the world right now..." We all must learn to take personal responsibility for our own personal actions and reactions to injustice.   

I too have been guilty of having a bigoted attitude towards other same gender loving people who were different from me just as Dante expressed the same bigoted attitude toward Jacob Lusks' natural effeminate qualities over his extraordinary gift of song. Those bigoted attitudes are the same attitudes that represses, judges and discriminates which equals oppression.
Lord please forgive us all and give us all the courage and the fortitude to do better when we know better; to make the world around us a better and more peaceful place for all of our brothers and sisters.

PLEASE listen to Jacob Lusk sing "God Bless the Child" by clicking on the title of this post. You will then understand the magnitude of this young man's gift. I would like for you to forward this posting to someone very near and dear to you.

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