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Monday, November 12, 2007

Homosexuality is Not a Sin...

The Summation of this Blogsite

You can live a happy, peaceful, pleasurable, Christ centered, victorious and holy-spirit filled (having a God-conscience) life being a Same Gender Loving person. How is that possible? I have been sharing with you each month for the last several months some of my own personal experiences and commentary of stories/articles from other people. I have been sharing how the challenges and the judgment from the traditional American religious community can destroy your faith and belief in a loving and faithful God who created and made you in his image. He knew and loved you before you entered into your mother’s womb; Read the 139th chapter of Psalm, I guarantee you this will lift you UP!;&version=31;

I am challenging everyone in the Same Gender Loving Community to take accountability for your spiritual being, by empowering yourself and showing the rest of society that being a Same Gender Loving person is not about sex. We are intelligent, spiritual individuals that has been grossly misunderstood and treated as society’s outcast; because of that we sometimes act-out as if we really are castoffs. When you learn to embrace the love of Christ and walk with a God- conscience you will not feel and have the need to play-yourself into the hands of sexual promiscuity which seems to perpetuate itself in our community.

My intent is to dispel the prejudicial rhetoric of the traditional, homophobic, antiquated interpretations of the scriptures that is being taught as a staple in this society as the way that God thinks. When you read those few scriptures in the bible that are used so divisively, if you read them historically correct and in the proper context of the subject matter (I implore you to scroll down and thoroughly read the postings entitled “Is There Really Scriptural Validity in calling Homosexuality a Sin?”) you will clearly see how the interpretations of the bible has been skewed to inflict an undue burden on some of God’s favored children. I really believe that this is our life’s challenge; to weather the storm of being ostracized and scandalized and still rise above and see God’s uncommon steadfast love.
Are you up for the challenge? What are your questions and concerns?
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