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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Black Pastors Launch African Tour to Counteract Rick Warren’s Anti-Gay Movement

Black Pastors Launch African Tour to Counteract Rick Warren’s Anti-Gay Movement

  African-American Pastors Unite for The Fellowship Global Tour to Counteract the Anti-Gay Evangelical Christian Movement in Africa Led by Rick Warren  

The Fellowship Global Partners with Africans in Uganda, Rwanda, Cote d’Ivoire, Democratic Republic of Congo and Kenya to Impact the Lives of African Sexual Minorities, Influence Economic Development and Encourage Democracy

  New York, NY April 1, 2015 – Spearheaded by The Fellowship of Affirming Ministries (“TFAM”), its founder and presiding Bishop Rev. Dr. Yvette Flunder and executive director, Bishop-Elect, Pastor Joseph Tolton, the organization's international outreach ministry, The Fellowship Global (“TFG”), has launched a month long tour of key African nations where LGBTI communities continue to experience extreme discrimination and persecution. These countries include: Uganda, Rwanda, Cote D’Ivoire, Democratic Republic of Congo (“DRC”) and Kenya.

 Until April 30, 2015, Pastor Tolton will be on the ground working to counter this effort and provide an uplifting alternate narrative. The message advocates for inclusion, economic justice and the reconciliation of all people of African descent globally. “As black gay Christians who identify with Pentecostal worship and as people of social justice, we are countering the work of conservative, mostly white American evangelicals who are doubling down on their attempt of spiritual colonization of Africa,” said Pastor Joseph Tolton.

 The mission of the tour is to: bring global attention to these human rights issues in Africa; support affirming African organizations and local movements; and, promote governmental policies and the policies of organized religious structures that support LGBTI dignity, inclusion, and justice. A variety of certified academic trainings, worship events and economic development opportunities will be made available.

 One of the tour's primary goals is to clearly articulate the inextricable link between the global agenda of US conservative Christians like Rick Warren, the future of Christianity, and the fate of LGBTI people in Africa. “The future of Christianity is not Europe or North America, but Africa, Asia, and Latin America,” said Pastor Rick Warren. Africa is ground zero for the Christian evangelical right-wing movement. Under the veil of economic development, Rick Warren is also planning a conference in Rwanda that sells a dangerous theology. This anti-gay propaganda has spawned the passage of anti-gay legislation across Africa and notably in Nigeria, Uganda and Gambia.

In addition to promoting TFG’s message of equality and justice, the organization plans to establish new chapters of the United Coalition of Affirming Africans (“UCAA”) in the DRC and Cote d’Ivoire. UCAA chapters were established in Kenya in October 2013 and in Rwanda in May 2014. TFG will also produce at least eight spiritual/worship events to advance the message of equality before God. A variety of certified theological workshops and revival worship services will be held, as well as establishing economic development projects based on gay/straight alliances. 

Please forward all interview requests and media inquiries to: Nathan Hale Williams. For more information on The Fellowship Global, please visit: Nathan Hale Williams


About The Fellowship Global (  The Fellowship Global is positioned to be a catalyst for a pan-African faith movement, connecting the radically inclusive Christian movement led by African Americans and our allies to communities in Africa and throughout the diaspora. We provide pastoral care for LGBTI people and support pioneering efforts to establish an open an affirming African Christian movement.

About The Fellowship of Affirming Ministries ( http://radicallyinclusive.comThe Fellowship is a coalition of Christian churches and ministries, which recognize the need for networking, accountability, fellowship and resource facilitation. We are a trans-denominational fellowship that in voluntary cooperation is self-governing, self-supporting, and self-propagating.


Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Pastors & Church Folk, Why Use Jesus as a Scapegoat For your Homophobia?

Please click here after reading the below review: Pastors & Church Folk, Why Use Jesus as a Scapegoat for Homophobia?

An Amazon Book Review on "Stop The Judgment" that touched my soul:

By Mrs. KiD on January 6, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
I am a devoted Christian wife and mother. I've always believed 
that my children should be free to live out God's will for their life.
I've also believed that my children should always be able to come to me
 as their mom and freely discuss anything....ANYTHING...
without feeling judgment but instead to feel they always had someone
 in their corner.
 I've known for awhile that my oldest son was gay. We talked around
 the subject a few times when he was a teenager. In those conversations
 I always told him that  if that's where he found his heart that I hoped he
 knew we could talk about it together and I would support him and my love
 would never change. Today was the day he told me  he was gay
 and was scared. I had the opportunity to make good on my promise
 to love and support him. The only concern I have is how the Christian
 community would treat him.
 He loves God and desires God's will for his life. He's very active in the
 Christian community. Being concerned I'd have the right things to say in
 support of my son when people spoke their disapproval of what they would
 believe was his "choice", I sought out a book to arm me with
 Biblically based responses to such disapproval.
 I'm so grateful that Samuel Brown wrote such a book. His writing
 is truthful, heart-felt and backed up with scripture. I definitely recommend
 this book to ALL Christians wanting to know what the Bible does and does
 not declare in regards to homosexuality.
 God is a God of love. 
He created everyone exactly according to his sovereign plan.