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Thursday, January 6, 2011

True Story of Attempted Suicide: Man made Religion can be a Bully

A good friend forwarded this young man's video "Del'Antonio James" to me in hopes that I would post it on my blog site in order to help someone who may be contemplating suicide and so that church folk can see what their religious ideology can sometimes produce.

Del'Antonio and I share a background from the same national religious organization called the 'Church of God In Christ' which is synonymous to the anti-homosexual/gay sentiment. When any church's agenda becomes so judgmental & mean spirited and practices alienating and demonizing people by inflicting pain in God's name; it becomes a humanity problem. You nor I had a choice regarding our innate sexuality. The divisive doctrines & religious manipulation of the holy scriptures to cast judgment on a population of God's creation can be considered religious bullying; something is fundamentally wrong.

 Church folk will tell you that "I love you but I hate your sin" "I'm just telling you what God said about your homosexuality"; Do they really know the truth of what God actually said or did not say? Man made doctrine; divisions; denominations and religious ideology only voices man's personal prejudice that has altered original passages to read differently in other versions of the bible to discriminate which has nothing to do with the sovereign God our father or his son Jesus Christ or the Holy Spirit of Truth; I must tell you that that kind of love has never hurt and divided so many people so badly.

  I applaud this young man for having the courage to triumphantly share this very personal story which could have ended with tragedy in order to help stop the maddening affects in this sometimes cold & judgmental world. He chose to love and encourage his brothers and sisters who may be where he was.
I truly thank God for him.

It's very unfortunate that Del'Antonio became a victim of childhood molestation... (my thoughts are very clear on sexual predators in the previous posting) adults are to stay in their own lane when it comes to sexual relations just as we tell children to stay in a child's place. Thankfully the young man now has a very healthy approach concerning his past and his adult sexual attraction. He nor you and I can say that his sexual attraction would have been any different toward the same gender if that very damning incident had never occurred. I will say that I am the confident, compassionate and sometimes cocky, God fearing man that I am today and I have never experienced any kind of sexual abuse from anyone. I have a very strong  personal opinion that sexual abuse does not define your innate sexuality; one may suffer mental dysfunctions due to sexual abuse but that's just my personal opinion.

You may want to view Del'Antonio's blogsite of poetry by clicking on the title of this posting above

 Same gender loving people are individual emotional human beings with hearts & and souls just as heterosexual people; we are a very diverse people and we exist in every nationality, religion, country and community; we vary from the most conservative to the most liberal, from the most celibate to most promiscuous; from the most masculine to the most effeminate, from the most spiritual to the most heathen just as heterosexual people and we all don't fit into just 1 or 2 stereotypes and no we are not all a part of the same "lifestyle" sexuality is not a lifestyle.

By Samuel Marcus Brown

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