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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

An Open Letter to Bishop Eddie Long

Bishop Long,

As my pastor I sincerely pray for your strength and your inner-peace during this most tumultuous time in your personal life and in your ministry. I know that you must be hurting and feel betrayed; yet you and I know that God Specializes in these particular types of circumstances; he will give you the peace that surpasses all understanding of this crisis.

If there is blameworthiness or virtue to be shared between you and your accusers; so be it for we all have sinned and have been falsely accused at various points in our lives. For it was only our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who walked this earth blameless. He was falsely accused many times over, on a much greater level and magnitude; he was even murdered, falsely accused.

I am a firm believer that goodness, truth and mercy will prevail and that your innocence or your culpability will raise the standard of responsible honesty and authenticity in the body of Christ (the church) and in your personal life.

Many readers of this posting will be surprised that I for the 1st time have publicly acknowledged you as my pastor in this forum; I have refrained from publicizing that fact since starting this forum in early 2007 due to the respect of our opposing viewpoints on innate sexuality and it's treatment in the holy scriptures.

Many of my close friends and associates have been troubled for quite some time of the fact that I have been a faithful member of New Birth for many years attending most early Sunday and weekday empowerment services. There is a reason.

Bishop, you have spoken so much truth and life into my heart over the years; you have taught me to study God's word for myself and to become spiritually independent relying on God and God alone; I've fallen in love with Jesus over and over again under your teaching.

Your giving nature and your compassionate desire to see your members and the African American Community at large excel spiritually and naturally overrides our opposing viewpoints on sexuality. Furthermore I would never abandon my natural parents (who are ministers) for our differences of opinions on sexuality no more than I would abandon my spiritual parents for those same differences. We all share unconditional love.

I've often said to my close friends that I sincerely feel that you have and could offer a positive and greater revelation on the subject matter of homosexuality in the church-world however, I've felt that you were too concerned and afraid of the masses and your traditional Christian Fundamentalist peers. I've also mentioned to my close friends that I share each blog post that I write for this blog site; I share them with you, your wife and other New Birth staffers via email and I hope and trust that my sharing has had a little something to do with the respect that you have been displaying in recent years to the many same gender loving members in your congregation.

I'll leave you with these words from a song that my father would ask my mother to sing before approaching the pulpit to preach:

Have you any river that seems uncrossable? Have you any mountain that you cannot tunnel through and have you any situation that seems impossible? I tell you that God Specializes and he can do what no other power can do.

My prayers and support are with you.

Samuel Marcus Brown aka Son of a Bishop


J. B. said...

Nicely and charitably done, sir.

D. Matt said...

That was amazing!!! It helps me 2 understand WHY U remained @ his church after the march & after other homophobic comments your Bishop has made. I think it’s important 4 his congregation 2 see this & digest this powerful message from U! They should feel that even if the accusations R true..he’s human & he has done some good with his good teachings. U also gave him the benefit of the doubt & U weren’t accusatory! U R an excellent writer. What a Blessing. This really made me think as well as look @ your Bishop in a different light.

Thanks 4 sharing your gift.

Much love,


David G. said...

I respect your words and heart, Sam. I must admit however that Long is guilty on many level. Personally, domestically, spiritually among them. His biggest betrayal is not to you or countless others he steals money and attention from but innocence from 4 (so far) little boys at the time who looked to him for guidance. His power, fortune and stature that were to be used for good toward these boys were instead used to manipulate and rape these kids' trust. So while as an adult I respect your position, the minds and hearts of 4 little boys and they're shattered innocence are my focus. And that's what disgusts me about this serpent in biker shorts.

Son of a Bishop said...

David G. Please believe that I will be in agreement with you in much of what you have to say providing these horrific allegations plays out to be true. I strongly believe in protecting our youth. I will post in the future focusing on adult sexual predators in the ministry. Most of us has already convicted Bishop Long and that is due to the fact that he appears to be a hyprocrite of what he proclaims publicly and and these allegations contradicts what he proclaims... again I can't put the cart in front of the horse...I expressed myself in this open letter to give Bishop Long a fair starting point of sorts: Your concerns are the very reason why I edited this statement the way that I did:

I am a firm believer that goodness, TRUTH and mercy will prevail and that your innocence or your culpability will raise the standard of responsible honesty and authenticity in the body of Christ (the church) and in your personal life.

JG, III said...

Firstly, are you really surprised? My gaydar would have been going off the richter scale had I been in his proximity. But more importantly, as these allegations will attest in due time is the profound abuse of power exemplified in his ministry, and culpability of his leadership for allowing this to go on.

He, along with many other ministers and ministries are in a vortex of profound and fundamental change and how we approach ministry in the future. Unfortunately, we’re just in the throws of pronouncing it dead but haven’t gotten over the grandeur of the mega-church syndrome and our connection with it.

Impressions: There will be a split in the church. His creditability has been sullied and other ministries and pastors involved in similar behaviors will have to isolate themselves.

Lastly, if a picture says a thousand words – those two of Bishop says it all.

As someone said on the blog: Can the church say gayman! But on a more serious note the implications are going to have to felt, studied, and prayed about from hereon out. Finally, the issue about homosexuality has to die in the church.



G.Smith said...

Hello Samuel!

Thanks for the blog! This forum is critical in discussing matters of the "heart" in a non-threatening environment!

As for Bishop Long, I will quote Matthew 7: "Judge NOT, that YE not be judged." Only God, Eddie Long and the accusers know the truth!! However, as Leader/Servant of thousands of followers, I do believe he has a responsibility to respond to the accusations in an appropriate way! Some may claim that his ONLY responsibility is too GOD, I beg to differ! As a Christian leader NOT politican or corporate executive, followers/believers need closure and encourage to move forward! See, at this point, it is NOT all about the Bishop! It is about the overall impact on his congregation and ministers and christians around the world! It is the church that is NOW under attack NOT Bishop Long! This situation is MUCH bigger than him!

With this said, I reviewed his comments/statements made regarding the accusations. Needless to say, I was quite disappointed in the hollowness of his words and behavior. But let me leave this with everyone reading this blog - Romans 8:39 "nor depth, nor height, nor any other creature can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus!

I will be in continual prayer for Bishop Long, the accusers, and the New Birth Church Family!! God Bless Everyone!!

Son of a Bishop said...

G. Smith & JG,III I really appreciate your observations and your comments.

I completely agree with you both that this matter is much larger than Bishop Long; this affects the members of New Birth personally and the entire body of Christ. It was very crucial that he should have responded in an appropriate manner due to the damning climate of the particular allegations.

As a member of New Birth and after witnessing Bishop's limited comments on Sunday Morning; I was left dumbfounded with displeasure and unrest in my spirit. My thoughts were and are that since he was unable to boldy and confidently say that he was 100% not guilty and the fact that he had to design along with his attorney; crafty verbiage in order to NOT address the subject matter head-on; I thought that he would have displayed less cockiness and more humility.

Due to the fact that I am not nearly perfect;I know that all people are fallible including my spiritual leader however I also expect all people to take personal responsibility for their actions; especially my spiritual leader.

I am quite troubled that my spiritual leader has placed himself in a situation of where he cant take personal responsibility for his actions and has to resort to the legal system that has gagged him and that has to defend him on moral issues. Am I being judgmental or just expecting too much from my pastor?

Anonymous said...

G. Smith said...

Hey man! Did you check out the Fox 5 interview of one of young men filing the sexual allegations against Bishop Long! The interview was so powerful that it was startling!! The young man was eloquent and convincing! His eyes were sincere and his voice had much emotion! All I can say at this point is Matthew 7:1, "Judge not, lest ye be judged."

His recollection of sexual details is quite alarming! It challenged the Bishop to speak to the victims and tell the truth! This is an incredibly strong and persuasive young man! My prayers all with all who are involved in the Lawsuit! Please check out the latest interview!!

Son of a Bishop said...

G. Smith,

Yes, I did check out the 2 latest interviews from 2 of the young men involved in these allegations. I am in agreement with you; the fact that Bishop Long is unable to state that he is 100% guilt free... along with the solid recollection of the details of these guys who appear to be quite credible and well spoken; Bishop really should seek a new direction and take the high road of TRUTH even if he offends/fires his attorney. That would be the most respectable and the most Godly thing for him to do in his position as a bishop. Even if he loses everything and have to start his first works over again...

Anonymous said...

Do you believe the scriptures below are wrong if so why? Roman 1:26-28.

For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature:

27 And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.

28 And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient;

Son of a Bishop said...


You have given the perfect example of the ultimate demonization of homosexual people by Christian Fundamentalism by abusing and misusing select verses in Romans chapter 1 completely out of scriptural context. When you read the entire 1st chapter instead of picking select verses to make a point to condemn; you will find that Romans 1st Chapter was an incident about a group of heterosexual/straight people who turned their backs on God and abandoned their sexuality to worship idols gods of sex and etc. for immediate gratification;so therefore God turned them over to their own lustful ways. That scripture does not speak to same gender love, innate sexuality/gay people. I encourage you to read the full chapter and focus on the reason why God became angry (focus on verses 21-23)

just wondering said...

man of God, I hear what you are saying but I have a question for you. I saw you interview on BET, you were asked if you felt homosexuality was wrong. You said that you tried fasting it away and praying it away, but you did not quite answer the question. Do you believe that you are living in sin right now? The Bible is not really gray on this area. I'm interested to hear your take on this BIBLICALLY.

Son of a Bishop said...

just wondering,

I really appreciate the tenor of your question. No I don't feel that it is wrong and I would like for you to take a look at this particular posting that should answer your questions on my biblical stance.
If you would then view the entire site to understand my thought process on the word of God.

Anonymous said...

I have a question sir...I understand that Mr. Long's office was robbed this summer by two of the accusers, one of the items stolen was an it the same iPad that he was "preaching" from a week after the accusations became public? And also, why hasn't the church said anything in regards to his manner of dress? Why do you all deem it appropriate attire? There was a series of photos of him with 3 young men in his office, plus the other photos of him solo..Has he addressed those?

Anonymous said...



tonya said...

Why is it so hard to believe that Eddie Long is GAY? The Man was not born in a manger. If you all are freaking out over something that is this obvious, what will you do when T.D. Jakes finally come out. Come on people, wake up. Jesus said he was going away but not to worry, he would send us the comforter to be with us forever even to the end of the world. He did not say Jimmy Swaggert, Rod Parsley, eddie long,etc. LISTEN TO THE STILL SMALL VOICE WITHIN, that is the holy spirit and you will never go wrong. We all have only one father in heaven, eddie long is not his name.God sent only one son, his name is jesus.Stop getting twisted.Since the holy spirit is not enough for you, you have chosen these lesser gods to lead you and look where you all are. Your body is the temple of God, not a mega building. Get out of the mind frame of " I must belong to somebody church". YOU DO NOT HAVE TO GO TO A BUILDING WHEN YOU PROPERLY UNDERSTAND THAT THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS WITHIN.

Anonymous said...

The only thing that I can say is LET GOD BE THE JUDGE!!

Anonymous said...

My comments are a perfect example of the demonization of homosexual people by the christain fundamentalist. I believe that's what you said. How is that when this scripture I listed describe homosexual and lesbian activity. Men leaving the natural use of the women burning in lust towards one another. That doesn't describe homosexual activity?

I don't mean any disrespect to you sir, but I would strongly suggest that you not twist and misuse scripture to condone your gay lifestlye. Your answer back to me describes the popular defense the gay community uses against the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They say "Christian folks are attacking me" and honestly some have made the mistake of doing so. However, God is not in that. God is into redeeming people from their sin if it's fornication, adultry, stealing, murder, homosexuality, racial prejudice, whatever it is. God wants us to surrender our lives to him and he will clean us up. The scripture says if any man be in Christ he is a new creature old things are passed away behold all things are become new". I honestly hope that you will understand what the bible is about. It's all about God redeeming man through Jesus Christ. Sir you can stand behind any movement or civil cause against what you feel is unjust treatment of gay people. You'll have to figure out though do you believe your gay lifestyle is greater than God and the blood of Jesus. God is greater than our sin and the wrong things we want to do. None of us are righteous, but he Jesus became sin for us so that through him we could become the righteousness of God in Christ.

Anonymous said...

Son of a Bishop: This is my first time visiting your site and this is the first time since the allegations that I've read something noteworthy and the comments are from intelligent people and worth reading unlike other sites. One thing you stated brought me to tears because I felt the love of Jesus and it was when you said...."Even if he (Bishop Long) loses everything and have to start his first works over again..." That statement gave me chills because we all should love Jesus Christ that much. He gives us the opportunity to start over everyday. His loves out-weighs any burden. Thanks so much for speaking out. My prayers for the young men, their family, and the Bishop. I believe that any man in power is being judged by his peers / followers daily. God will judge in the end.

Son of a Bishop said...

I thank you and appreciate all of your comments; I apologize for the delayed response. I will address the last 6 comments in consecutive order as they came in... Anonymous 1 & 2, Tonya & Anonymous 3,4 & 5.

Anonymous #1 wrote Oct 6th 6:28pm

I dont know if that was indeed
the iPad recovered from the robbery however I wouldn't think that he has multiple iPads :)
As far as Bishop Long's attire; I'll quote him, he said: "There's a ministry in is muscle shirts" he basically meant that he was very ill(prostate cancer) at one time and that working out so hard was for his health and keeping him alive; he also said that displaying his muscles in the muscle shirts would motivate the not so healthy (traditionally plump preachers) to focus on their health and appearance. I have not heard him address any of those pictures.

Anonymous #2 wrote Oct 6th 9:38pm

I am deciphering how to live against the word of God? No maam or sir, I love the Lord God and his word with all of my heart and would never do as you are accusing me to do... I am simply encouraging everyone to study the word of God in it's proper context and strongly suggesting you and others to steer away from the trappings of man-made religion that elevates itself above the word of God. As for your prayer; if the accusations are true then you are praying amiss; pray that God will give his family the strength to endure and hopefully Bishop Long will repent and display humility if he's guilty.
Tonya, you have summed up the case of this matter and I thank you for sharing this truth and your thoughts so soberly.

Anonymous #3 wrote Oct 7th 4:56pm

Amen to letting God be the judge however it seems that a judgment has been made already for the revealing of this open shame.

Son of a Bishop said...

Anonymous #4 wrote Oct 8th 2:35am

The scripture that you listed from Romans 1st chapter (rightfully dividing the word in it's proper context) describes an incident of straight men and straight women who 21Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened.23And changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and fourfooted beasts, and creeping things. 24Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonour their own bodies between themselves: 25Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen. 26For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their WOMEN DID CHANGE the natural use into that which is against nature:
27And likewise also the MEN, LEAVING THE NATURAL USE of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet. This chapter addresses a group of evil people who turned their backs on God; it does not address people who were born innately with same gender attraction. I never twist & misuse scripture: I just showed you what traditional religion and the customs and traditions of men have done with that chapter to condemn people who were born homosexual. Jesus acknowledged 3 different types of men who would not have sexual interest in women in Matthew 19:11. My response to you was not at all against the Gospel of Jesus Christ for that it what I base my life and belief system on... I don't feel that most Christians are attacking me or anyone willfully; but most are ignorantly condemning God's creation that they do not understand. They are not rightfully dividing the word of God on what the bible truly says or don't say about homosexuality. Just to let you know that I am not with any kind of movement; I stand for TRUTH and want the traditonal religious Christians to wake-up and stop misusing and abusing scripture to condemn people who are homosexual and lesbian by no choice of their own; one chooses to sin but one does not choose their sexuality. Did you choose to be heterosexual? You're hurting people and causing the young to commit suicide and causing others to stray to a world of uninhibited sexual liaisons due to the fact that the church is telling same gender loving people that their sexual orientation is intrinsically evil and they must change;the holy scriptures does not support your traditional rhetoric; heterosexual people are not the only ones who love and live for Jesus. 1st Corinthian 6:9 KJV has been defrauded by many other versions of the bible that has changed and added words to identify the "homosexual" who will not enter the kingdom of heaven when the word "effeminate" in Greek actually refers to male prostitutes. Yes you are correct; the bible is all about redeeming man through Jesus Christ who has never spoken a mumbling word against homosexual people or same gender love as he proclaimed in Galatians 5:14 For all the law is fulfilled in one word, even in this; Thou shalt LOVE thy neighbour as thyself.

Anonymous #5 wrote Oct 8th 8:26am

Thank you so much for sharing your very profound thoughts with me: Your statement touched me when you said "that we all should love Jesus Christ that much" to start over again; it's so true. If he and we could just forget about "stuff" the material things of this world and stand for TRUTH and God will get all of the Glory. Thank you again for your kind words.

JG, III said...


I’m proud of you bro! It’s taken a while for you to get there but it’s the best decision and it’s “really” time to do your mission in life. I know it took a lot of courage for you to do this but I’m extremely proud of your efforts. By the way, as things unfold about Sir Bishop you won't want to be in the wake. Although, the damage control police are out in numbers from TBN on down to get this under control and this is a group of attorneys specifically for incidents like this within the larger Christian Community who handles damage controls like this for folks who bring in lots of dollars. Paul Crouch and Benny Hinn had them. It will just go away...


Claude said...

Hey Sam,

I am glad to hear you had a chance to express your self on BET's site regarding Bishop Long and what you have been saying all along with your writing. One thing it certainly has brought light and raised questions on Bishop Long and his homophobic ranting.



Son of a Bishop said...

Anonymous; A particular person who only identifies themself as Anonymous posted comments in regards to Romans 1st Chapter and I have responded accordingly; for some reason the last 2 lengthy comments that they have sent has NOT posted to the blogsite; I have received the comments in my email (both comments duplicated itslef in my email 10+ times) since I am the adminstrator of this blogsite that is the only reason why I received those emails. Personally, I have been waiting for you to get your PC/connectivity problem or blogsite/posting issue straigtened out so everyone can see your messages. Please email me directly @

Based on the tenor of your latest messages; they really don't deserve to be answered but it is your very tone and that same tone of traditional religion that demonizes individual souls and assign their personal prejudices and scriptural ignorance as God ordained and that kind of abuse must come to an end.

The Law of Moses in Leviticus 20:13 which was for the Israelites before Jesus Christ and the New Covenant. If a man ALSO lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: ALSO means in addition to; so that verse and Chapter 18:22 seems to address bisexuality instead of the verse explicitly reading man shall not lie with mankind.

Deut 23:17
There shall be no whore of the daughters of Israel, nor a sodomite of the sons of Israel. If you do your research a sodomite was male prostitute which does not address or equal same gender loving people or same gender love.

If you spend time on this blogsite; you'll find that I have addressed every scripture that has been used/misused by Fundamentalist/Traditional Christians to condemn people that are innately born with same gender attraction/homosexual/gay etc. Those scriptures when understood in their PROPER CONTEXT Do Not say what traditional religion has assigned to our sovereign God the creator.

Mr. or Ms. Anonymous your logic in what you had to say about the Psalmist who wrote Psalm 139 being a heterosexual man with many wives and his words not applying to me as a same gender loving man; because I said Romans 1st Chapter does not address people who were born with same gender attraction and does not address same gender love; Your logic is off; the authors of the bible were inspired by God to write what they wrote at that time. A heterosexual man with many wives is sinful for this day sir or madam. Did you choose your sexuality?

The religious traditions of men are an insult to Scriptural Truth. Assigning your religious logic and your personal anger to God's sovereignty is sinful and the most hurtful & damning thing that you can ever do to an individual and the body of Christ in the name of God.

Anonymous said...

I understand your struggle and pain and your desire to be free and not under the guilt of sin. The bible is certain that we are all born in to sin. It is our first nature...adam. This is why Christ came. To give us power in the spirit, so that we may crucify the flesh and give ourselves to the authority of God. Those who are truly committed succeed. Those who still have one foot in the world, think there is no possibility to change. It is not a "gay thing" but a lack control on the carnal person that would seek to indulge in all sorts of desires sexual and non-sexual. It is no wonder that the bible says to "Crucify" the flesh.

Son of a Bishop said...

Personally I am not hurting or in pain; I am free indeed and living in the peace and love of Jesus Christ.
My heart aches for my same gender loving/gay/homosexual/lesbian brothers and sisters who continuously succumb to the spiritual and scriptural enslavement abuse that comes down from generations of the religious traditions of men. When you misuse that statement: "The bible is certain that we are all born in to sin. It is our first nature...adam." That holds true for everyone however; when you and the traditional religious establishment disingenuously place that undue & unjust burden on people who were innately/naturally born with same gender attraction; when you demonize us and tell us that we are intrinsically evil and that our basic human natural need for spiritual, mental and physical intimacy & companionship is off limits for covenants and marriage; you all have overstepped your scriptural & judgmental boudaries of the sovereign God the creator.

When the religious establishment
has to use scripture completely out of historical context and alter scripture that is now displayed in the many other versions of the bible to uphold man-made religion and customs to destroy a person's soul; now that is a sure example of audacious wickedness and immorality.

All Christians (heterosexual or homosexual)should desire to have the power of the spirit of Christ to be fully committed in order to crucify our flesh daily so that we can be given to the authority of God and forsake our carnal desires if you are single or in covenant/married.

Anonymous said...

Let's get one thing straight if you are in sin you can't walk in the power of the spirit of Christ. If you are homosexual you can't be a Christian. You can pretend that you are and lie to yourself and lie to others. However, the Word Of God does not support you. No matter how you twist it.

Homosexuality ... in the church ... ? The argument that the defenders of this position are making is, "...this is the way they were born, they can't change ... it is cruel to make them change." My answer: why should homosexuality get singled out above all other sins? Is this sin uniquely exempt from repentance? The gospel tells us that we ALL cannot change and each of us is in a similar condition to the homosexual, prior to regeneration. We are all born with a condition that we cannot change: Its called total depravity. By nature we are all morally impotent to obey God's commands let alone believe the gospel ... yet we all remain culpable for these transgressions (Rom 3:19, 20). If homosexuality can be exempt because people claim that they are born that way, then I guess this makes us all exempt from repenting of our various sins that we cannot naturally escape from ... this basically renders Christianity void of all supernatural truth. If God cannot change any of us then the future is indeed bleak for us all because it means that Christianity is false. But in truth, homosexuality is just like any other sin. If I am born a bigot and a man of pride and cannot change this by nature, does this exempt me from obedience to God in this area? Shall I give up trying to change my coveting because I was born with such a desire? Any so-called church, therefore, that encourages homosexual unions or any other sin (Matt 5:19) has therefore abandoned the faith and has embraced a cultural construct for which they will be held accountable. This also includes conservatives who are bigoted against people who are homosexuals. Conservatives must also repent of their sin of trusting in their own righteousness because God didn't save you because you were pure or because of something good He saw in you but rather, because of His sheer grace, plus nothing. The conservative religionist is as equally deserving of God's wrath as the homosexual. Nor does God sustain us because we are pure but solely because of the blood of Jesus Christ. It is on Him alone we can plead forgiveness. We don't need moral reformation in our lives (band-aid)but need to be born again. A supernatural change of our disposition which results in repentance and belief in the gospel... and this new disposition of heart means our delight is in the law of God.

Son of a Bishop said...


Let's get one thing straight and be totally clear that it is you and man made religion that has made that gasly judgment and that un-Godly mandate for the homosexual: "If you are homosexual you can't be a Christian" your statement and position flows from that batch of poisonous venom behind the very devisive deep rooted problem with Fundamentalist Christians in the body of Christ (the church) your statement is certainly not true, scriptural or godly. There is nothing sinful about being heterosexual or homosexual; one chooses to sin not their sexuality.

As I stated before that it is very sad and evil when the religious establishment that call themselves the true Christians; it's awful that they have to use scripture completely out of historical and scriptural context and then alter scripture and specific verses that is now displayed in many of the other versions of the bible to uphold their man-made personal prejudices and customs to destroy a person's soul by telling them that "If you are homosexual you can't be a Christian" when the bible and the Lord God does not say such a thing; now that is a sure example of audacious wickedness and immorality.

You and the traditional religious establishment have taken scripture out of it's original context in order to make your prejudiced discriminatory points on a subject matter that the scripture only speaks to in order to condemn bisexuality, gang rape, it also indicted a sect of heterosexual people who whole-heartedly and purposefully turned their backs on God and abandoned their sexuality to worship idol gods, the scripture also condemns male prostitution and none of those isolated scriptures has nothing to do with one's natural/innate sexuality or same gender love. Apostle Paul and the eunuchs of the bible will let you know that there is not a mandate or commandment to procreate.

It is you and man-made religion that has defined homosexuality as sin; not the word of God.

Your point about the church making exceptions for sin is rubbish because that is not my point or platform or their point.

I am a born again, washed in the blood of Jesus Christ follower of Jesus Christ who was born naturally/innately with same gender attraction created by the sovereign God without the need to pretend, lie or twist scripture. I am a Christian who truly loves the Lord God with all my heart; I am a Christian who study, meditate on and believe the word of God and have a fasted relationship with the Lord God and there is absolutely nothing that you and the perpetrators of man made religion can do about it.

Anonymous said...

HI all, as a Christian I have been deeply engaged and concerned with the Eddie Long story. I found this blog by accident but am taken by the varied beliefs of my Christian brothers and sisters regarding the subject of homosexuality. I understand that this is a painful and a seemingly misunderstood discussion. However it is so important that we don't twist the word of God. I have never understood HOW anyone who claiming to have given their life to Jesus can read His word about those things that God Himself refers to as sin and disagree. It's like someone that has a problem with murdering deciding that murder isn't actually a sin and finding a way to justify it. It is not homophobia because a minister speaks out against something that God has said is wrong. But I believe the real problem is that after a minister addresses the sin problem, many folks are left with simply feeling condemned and not truly feeling that there is healing for them. "Son of a Bishop" I believe you when you stated that you tried everything you could without any change in your sexuality. I'm sure there are countless others experiencing the same delimna. How do you square the word of God with your own desires and feelings? I venture to say that you are not hearing the right message. Yes God does say that homosexuality is wrong and yes as "Anonymous" mentioned Romans does explicitly bring this out as does many other scriptures. But God also says that Jesus did not come to comdemn the world but to reconcile the world to himself.
2 Cor. 17-21 When preachers constantly preach sin sin sin, guess what? the congregation develops a sin mentality. This is really the opposite of what Jesus did. He made us His righteousness when we accepted Him. This is who you are right now, you are righteous and His beloved. God does not see you as a sinner. This does not mean that we don't sin but God does not impute sin because we are no longer under the law. Jesus redeemed us from the curse of the law. Our righteousness has nothing to do with our behavior it is a gift of God not based on works but based on Jesus' goodness and sinlessness. the more we get to know what Jesus did through His blood the more we are set free from every bondage. You can not set yourself free by good behavior or trying to abstain from certain things. God's word is a seed and the more you feed on it and plant it in your heart the word itself will produce what God sent it to do. There is a minister named Joseph Prince who focuses on the grace of God. If you would begin to get his messages it will certainly begin to set some of these issues straight. I pray that you find God's love, grace and true deliverance. There is one body and one Spirit just as you were called in one hope of your calling, one Lord, one faith, one baptism one God and Father of all who is above all and through all and in you all.

Anonymous said...

I apoligize for the multiple postings--not sure how that happened.


Son of a Bishop said...

Anonymous (Jewel) Thank you for identifying yourself with a name; I fixed the multiple postings issue; I'm not sure how that happened either :) Thank you for posting and I appreciate the tenor of your comment.

With all thy getting, one must get understanding. I and other people who are homosexual/gay/same gender loving & Christian we are already justified by our faith in Jesus Christ.
I am loving what you are sharing about grace and the body of Christ having a sin mentality caused by what is preached in church quite often; instead of embracing the loving grace of our father and falling in love with Jesus for his sacrafice.

I am often accused of twisting scripture by the traditional Christian; however the details of scripture itself are never brought forth of what exactly I am "twisting"...
I am pretty sure that you and most Christians automatically come from the mindset that same gender attraction is against God and that it is evil; a sin problem; a stronghold and deliverance is required etc. I would like to challenge you and other Christians to look at the unadulterated King James Version of the bible outside of the customs and religious traditions of men that has
altered scripture and specific verses by adding the word homosexual & homosexuality that is now displayed in many of the other versions of the bible to uphold their man-made personal prejudices/ideology. Let's see what you say that "God said himself is sin"

Leviticus 20:13 KJV If a man ALSO lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination.
ALSO means in addition too; so that verse and Chapter 18:22 seems to address bisexuality instead of the verse explicitly reading man shall not lie with mankind. What am I twisting?

When you read the entire 1st chapter of Romans instead of picking select verses to make a point to condemn; you will find that Romans 1st Chapter was an incident about a group of heterosexual/straight people who whole heartedly and purposefully turned their backs on God and abandoned their sexuality to worship idol gods of sex, graven images and etc. for immediate gratification; so therefore God turned them over to their own lustful ways. That scripture does not speak to same gender love, innate sexuality/gay people. I encourage you to read the full chapter and focus on the reason why God became angry (focus on verses 21-23) Again, what exactly am I twisting?

I am simply sharing scripture within it's proper context; not from the mindset of the religious traditions of men and the customs of our forefathers that most Christians rely on and condemn people that are naturally/innately attracted to the same gender. This is all about scriptural TRUTH which has nothing to do with my own desires & feelings.

Staying on the subject matter at hand. Comparing the sexuality of 2 consenting adults coming together in the name of love; comparing that to murder and any other evil that does not include 2 conscenting adults to whatever the evil is... those are outrageous and disingenuous comparisons.

Man made religion's displeasure of same gender love or gay Christians borders on spiritual unethical/wickedness in high places... especially when they assign their prejudiced ideology as God approved.

Anonymous said...

Jewel and Son of a Bishop,

You both make very valid points. I firmly believe when we see through the judgement lense we no longer will be right or wrong, but two individuals who disagree with the interpretation. Whether is disagreement is based on personal experiences, lack of understanding and/or knowledge, or miseducation!

At the end of the day, we must understand and accept that GOD's love is unconditional. Therefore, sending anyone to HELL just because we don't understand them or misinterpret scripture is NOT the true purpose of being a Christian.

Please allow me to quote Matthew 7:1 "Judge NOT, lest ye be judged." How arrogant of anyone to claim to have the direct connection and understanding of an all powerful GOD. In knowing that GOD is all mighty, all powerful, and all understanding should give us a spirit of humility! Let's pray for one another and STOP thinking that we know and/or understand GOD's heart! Grace is a gift that no one is worthy of!!

Let's preach and teach -- "Love and Forgiveness." This is where we begin to understand the awesomeness of GOD! WE must focus on our personal relationship with GOD!! Be Blessed for GOD loves us all!

Can we all embrace GOD's love?

Anonymous said...

The last statement was mine! I'm not sure why it did NOT post my name!

Anonymous said...

"Son of a Bishop" I'm not commenting to get into some theological debate with you but I literally find my head spinning with the info you're sharing and I wonder if you really and truly BELIEVE what you're saying or does it just make you feel better about yourself at the end of the day? My intention is not to lash out or attack you b/c I know that Jesus loves you without a doubt, but I am questioning how you can boldy take scripture and make it say something that it doesn't OR take away from the real meaning. e.g. you mentioned Lev.20:13 and I believe you said that the word "mankind" was not referring to maleness but had more to do with bisexuality. I'm sorry but this makes absolutely no sense. The word mankind as used in context in this verse is Hebrew for zawkar meaning, remembered, i.e. a male (of man or animals, as being the most noteworthy sex)- him, male, man (child, kind). I pulled this straight from Strongs concordance. It is very clear-no ambiguity. Again not to condemn you but because all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, we are supposed to simply see why we need a Savior. it doesn't matter that you think you were born with something, if it does not line up with God's word then He doesn't want us covering it up but wants us to bring it to Him in faith believing that Jesus died to set us free. I truly hope you don't feel that I'm picking on you.


Anonymous said...

Homosexuality is unnatural, not because it is absent from the natural world, but because it repudiates the natural purpose of our sexuality in favor of a self-made purpose.

Natural law entails the idea that our various physical and psychological capacities are intended "for" particular purposes.

Our bodies were made to function a specific way. Men were not made to function sexually with men, nor women with women, but rather men were made to function sexually with women. While a man's penis can be made to fit into several human orifices, it is clear as to which orifice it is intended to be used with when we consider the substance emitted by the penis upon orgasm: semen. Semen has only one purpose: to create new life. This purpose can only be fulfilled when it is mixed with a female egg, and such a meeting occurs naturally while the penis is inside a vagina. A male penis is designed to function with a woman, period. That is natural. Homosexuality is unnatural because it abandons the natural function of the human body. Even homosexual activists are honest about the fact that homosexuality is not natural, or normal. Lesbian activist Camille Paglia, for example, offered the following observations:

"Homosexuality is not 'normal' On the contrary it is a challenge to the norm...Nature exists whether academics like it or not. And in nature, procreation is the single relentless rule. That is the norm

Anonymous said...

I posted the last comment about homosexuality being unnatural. Please see my additional comments as many claim they were born this way or they have strong feelings towards homosexual sex.

Some might object that while heterosex alone fulfills the natural purpose of our sexual organs, the fact remains that some people still have a strong desire for homosex. This is a true assessment, but it does nothing to undermine the argument from nature. Indeed, it reinforces the conclusion that homosex is unnatural. After all, if one's sexual organ is intended to function one way, and yet they are psychologically incapable of using it for it's intended purpose, shouldn't this clue us into the fact that something is wrong with their sexual desires (since their sexual organs function properly)? When one's desires do not match the hardware afforded them by nature, the problem is not with the hardware, but with the desires. This observation alone ought to clue us in to the fact that homosexuality is not natural, nor is it "normal." Homosexuality is a perversion of the body's natural function.

My question to the bishops son is this. How can you claim to believe in a God who set up the laws of nature, but you lifestlye and seemingly life message is opposed to what he established? Genesis 1 shows God's design for human being sexual relationship. Genesis 1 never describes anything about a homosexual relationship for mankind. I submit that it you and those like you that want to establish this not God. What is your response? I've found nothing in the bible that blesses homosexual sex, and relationships. I only find scripture opposed to it. You've said the Bible doesn't condemn your relationships at the very least you will have to admit that Bible doesn't condone it.

Son of a Bishop said...

I will address the above comments in the order that they came in... It would really help if everyone would identify themselves with a name instead of just selecting Anonymous. (just click on the Name/URL and then type in your name)an account is not needed. You don't have to select Anonymous.

Anonymous who addressed the comments between myself and Jewel November 1, 2010 7:54 PM

I sincerly thank you and appreciate your wisdom and very balanced assessment of this conversation and reminding us as you stated so eloquently: "How arrogant of anyone to claim to have the direct connection and understanding of an all powerful GOD. In knowing that GOD is all mighty, all powerful, and all understanding should give us a spirit of humility!" and you also reminded us that "WE must focus on our personal relationship with GOD!!"

Anonymous (Jewel)
November 1, 2010 11:25 PM

Jewel, please understand that I believe and trust the word of God and I am saying exactly what I believe with all of my heart. I adamantly DO NOT believe the part of man made religion that refuses to understand God's sovereignty when it comes to matters that they do not understand. Your head is spinning and you are having a problem with what I am saying because you have not carefully read what I am sharing: Please re-read what I said because I certainly did not say what you are implying when you said: "you mentioned Lev.20:13 and I believe you said that the word "mankind" was not referring to maleness but had more to do with bisexuality" Please re-read and understand what I am saying without trying to read in between the lines. I certainly have not tried to make the bible say something that it doesn't OR take away from the real meaning.
If you step away & outside the box of religious tradition and the customs of our forefathers; you will understand exactly what I am saying and why I am sharing. Man made religion has used the bible to do a number on same gender loving people just as the Colonial Christians did a number on American slaves and the American Slave Trade (they used the bible and all of the scriptures that addresses slaves; they used those scriptures out of their proper context)

Son of a Bishop said...

Anonymous who posted at: November 2, 2010 12:03 AM & November 2, 2010 12:24 AM

I will first answer your question: I strongly believe in and trust in the sovereign God of all creation that has established one of his laws of nature in me because I am fearfully and wonderfully made by him; marvelous are his works. I strongly believe in the sovereign God of all creation just because of that very reason; he is SOVERIGN he can do exactly what he want to do without considering the ideology of your thoughts and feelings of how you think he operates and how he should rule all of his creation inside of your very small brain. (I'm not saying that your brain is small to belittle you)

Being a part of God's great creation that has been demonized due to religion has taught me to love and embrace him and my fellow man even when I don't understand the great mysteries of his sovereignty.

He has given me a peace that surpasses all understanding and the judgment from those who inflict pain in his name.

Regarding your biology and sexual education class; there are many same gender loving people who will not and has not participated in what you call "homosex" and their are many heterosexual people who participate in homosex. Loving relationships are all about love & intimacy if you are homosexual or heterosexual.

Apostle Paul and the 3 different types of eunuchs in the bible will let you know that procreation is not a commandment.

Although you will deny it... David and Jonathan had the most intimate and loving relationship of any couple in the bible. Just go back and re-read that story.

Please come out of everyone's bedroom and enjoy your own. (King James Version) says in Hebrews 13:4Marriage is honourable in ALL, and the bed undefiled: but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge.

Anonymous said...



You have made very interesting comments! However, I find them offensive and extremely judgemental. Have you ever had feelings for members of the same sex? I suppose I can conclude that you have since "homosex" as you phrase it is one that you made a choice NOT to engage in.... When did you make this choice? Was it extremely difficult for you? Based on your most recent comments, it sounds as though you continue to struggle with it!

Bottom-line, you are NOT GOD and have no authority to sit in the seat of Judgement. As Jesus quoted Matthew 7:1, "Judge NOT, lest ye be judged." Stop trying to figure out who will get in to heaven and who will NOT. Focus on your own spiritual journey and leave the judgement to GOD!

Your term "homosex" was intentionally an offensive phrase. One that gives may give you some sort of pleasure, in that, your hatred is clearly expressed. Do you believe that GOD is love? I pray that someday you relinquish the chains of self-righteousness and allow yourself to enter in to the many rooms of God's Kingdom.

May Blessings and Prosperity follow you and your family!

Anonymous said...

Your comments are typical of most homosexuals and supporters of gays. You some how want to believe that people who don't agree with you have a sick fascination with homosex(you are offended by this term get over it) and whatever else it is that you do. It really shows your desire for acceptance from normal society. The fact is I don't like what you represent nor do agree with you. It's very simple.

You talk about someone judging you and don't I believe God is love. Did I hurt your feeling? Aw I'm sorry. Do you believe God loves sin? Do you believe God loves things that are opposed to his original plan for mankind?

You said I'm not God. Did you at anytime read where I said I was. The fact is the logic that you display lacks judement. People have the right to express their views and state their opinions. They also have the right to judge a situation if it is right or wrong. That's the reason we have laws. What you folks fail to understand is that there are laws that govern everything. There are laws that govern relationships and sex. I'm simply making a judgement call with sound logic that the homosexually lifestyle breaks natural laws. By doing so it makes it unnatural. Not only that, but God calls it sin. Some people may disagree with the fact that God call it sin, but they can not argue against the laws of nature God has set in place.

If you are still upset and disagree I challenge you and all your gay friends to go to choose two islands and establish you homosexual society. One island for men one for women. No heterosexual sex. Keeping with your lifestyle and those parameter just mentioned where will your society be 300 years from now?

I know I'm hateful and judgemental, but you can't argue with the laws established. You should think about this the next time you tell yourself and others there is nothing wrong with the gay lifestlye.

G.Smith said...


How impressive? You stand strong but yet hide under an "anonymous" identity. Seems pretty cowardly to me!

However, let me address your hatred and very hollow comments. Did you hurt my feelings? Of course you did, but that does NOT matter to you because you are a "solid" Christian with a heart of love. Unfortunately, your comments reflect the contrary. This is very sad!

Wow, your "hatred" is extremely obvious! I will send up some special prayers for you because such hatred can be detrimental to your emotional and spiritual health. As Jesus quotes 3 John 1:2: "Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers." "Big Bad" Anonymous with NO name, I have nothing but love for you and wish the best for you and your family.

I'm saddened to believe that you do NOT share the same LOVE for me or anyone who disagrees with you! You seem to be a very angry and hateful. My suggestion to you is to speak with someone that you can dearly trust so that your "condition of hatred" can be addressed and resolved!

To suggest that all homosexuals should be placed on an island is "cruel" and "inhumane." And yes, that hurts my feelings. But most importantly, your lack of compassion and love attacks your well-being!

This must be a topic that is very close to you. Perhaps, you or a family member had a very negative experience with someone who is homosexual. If this is the case, please do NOT judge everyone based on your unfortunate personal experience!

I don't know how old you are or your family background. However, I came from a family that preached against homosexuality. What I found through-out the years is that a BIGOT not only hates homosexuals, but hates anyone who is different from themselves! They often lack empathy for people of color, women, same-gender lovers, people who practice different religions and so on..I have found that the hatred is for themselves! They hate those who represent something that they are in denial of or just don't understand.

Please go forth and forgive yourself for the "gross" hatred you have expressed against other and "forgive" those who represent something of your past negative experiences! I can certainly testify that GOD is a Healer. Give him a chance in your heart and soul!! He loves you regardless of your imperfections! I pray for your emotional and spiritual healing!

While this debate began with theological differences, allow me to conclude in LOVE! I love you as a fellow believer and follower of Christ! I love you and there's nothing that you can do about it! You can put me on an island and I'll still love you! You can put me in a prison and I'll still love you! There's absolutely nothing you can do that can stop me from loving and praying for you -- Even if you hate me with the "greatest" of hatred! May you continue your life (w/o hatred) and go to church and find greater understanding!

May God Bless You and Your Family!

Son of a Bishop said...

G. Smith,

My heart is filled with so much gratitude for how you have allowed the true love of God to flow through your heart in your response to Anonymous; you represent yourself as a true follower of Christ. It is very obvious of who is illuminating the divine love of God in this exchange. May God continue to bless you as we pray for this person who reeks of bitter fruit.

G.Smith said...


Let me begin by quoting (3) very powerful scriptures on LOVE:

1 John 4:7, "Beloveth, let us love one another; for LOVE is of GOD; and everyone that loveth is born of GOD and knoweth GOD."

1 John 4:8, "He that loveth NOT knoweth NOT GOD; for GOD is LOVE."

1 John 4:20, "If a man say, I LOVE GOD, and hateth his brother, he is a liar; for he that loveth NOT his brother whom he hath seen, how can he LOVE GOD whom he hath NOT seen."

You failed to answer my question regarding when did you make the decision NOT to be GAY. Nor did you answer my question regarding if Homosexuality is very close to you. Your responses are very angry and personal! To assert that the issue of LOVE is something to hide behind reassures me that LOVE is a subject matter that you just can't comprehend! This is very troubling because GOD is LOVE. In short, you are projecting your insecurities on to others! People who suffer from denial often use these sort of tactics to hide their emotions, fears and "true" identity! YOU are also Homosexual. You may have left the lifestyle as an attempt to gain acceptance and love from you family, friends, church and greater society, but YOU still remain who YOU are!

To be perfectly honest with you, your quest for acceptance by the fundamentalist christian movement is quite obvious as you don't know or understand LOVE and fail to accept yourself. You may struggle with loving yourself.

YOU sound like someone GAY who is in denial and struggling with alot of repressed emotions and deep seated anger within! I pray for your peace! For there is NO peace in "hatred." And, there is NO LOVE in FEAR!

It very obvious to me why you didn't answer my questions regarding how personal and close homosexuality is to you. YOU did not answer because it would reveal your "true" identity. YOU are what you HATE! I say this NOT to offend or anger you, but for you to open up your heart and pull out all of those repressed negative emotions.

I suspect that you are someone highly respected in the fundamental christian community! YOU are probably married with kids and a beautiful spouse! As a youth, you may have had homosexual experiences. However, as you matured and began receiving pressure from family and the greater society, you chose to leave the lifestyle to gain social acceptance! Since that time, you've been preaching/speaking against everything that YOU are -- a man who is attracted sexually to other men!

I pray for your peace and acceptance of yourself. I pray that you learn and understand that LOVE begins with loving and accepting yourself! Jesus taught us the importance of LOVE. Unlike you, he did NOT seek acceptance by the scribes and religious scholars. He also stated in Matthew 7:1 "Judge NOT, lest ye be judged."

May GOD Bless YOU and MAY YOU be delivered from your evil thoughts and deep "hatred" for others!

In LOVE, I rest my case!

May GOD Bless YOU and your family!

Anonymous said...

My comments are simple. I pray for Bishop Long and those four young man. However, I leave this entire matter in God's hand. God is bigger than all of us and all the comments are great but God is the greater judge and shall have the final word.

Since I do not know the truth and since I was not present, I can only pray for God to have mercy on the person who is wrong here and restore that person(S) back into his fullness. I pray for the person who is hurt here that they/her can forgive the other party(ies) and continue to walk in God's grace.

G.Smith said...


It really is NOT about you and I scoring points against one another to win an argument. We should seek to better understand one another! Afterall, our predominant goal should be to edify the Gospel of Jesus the Christ!

Your responses are very sad and "un-natural" as LOVE is the natural state in the Spirit of God. Your arguments remain subjective and unsubstantiated! That which you do NOT understand, you quickly condemn! Like the early Christian White Church did to the "newly" freed african-american slaves in the 19th Century. Unfortunately, you believe that by condemning those who are NOT like you, puts you on some type of religious pedestal. However, the pedestal should already be established in your relationship with GOD. Unfortunately, society's opinion of you determines your self-worth! This is very sad and contrary to the word of GOD.

Since procreation is your basis for determining whether or NOT behavior is "natural," how do you account for those heterosexuals who can not procreate. Are they un-natural as well? I suppose you completely condone teenage men and women having sex at an early age and becoming teenage parents. Your argument condones this behavior because it is natural in your eyes! As long as a child is being produced, I suppose it is okay with you! Do you believe that the ONLY purpose for SEX is to procreate?

YOU sound very angry, disturbed, narrow-minded and self-righteous. Your behavior and attitude contradicts christian beliefs. Instead of you spending so much time trying to judge and condemn something that you don't understand, find someone in your community and bring them to Christ! The World is hungry for the Gospel! Spend your anger (energy) in saving souls rather than condemning those that you don't understand!

I pray that you be delivered from the Spirit of Bigotry! May GOD Bless you and your family!!

While I understand that this is a very difficult subject matter for you, I pray that you don't allow your lack of understanding to create further "hatred" and "anger" in your heart! In all thy getting, get understanding!!

I continue to LOVE you with the LOVE of Christ!

As Paul states,

1 Corinthians 13:1,"Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, and have not charity, I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal."

1 Corinthians 13:2, "And though I have the gift of prophecy, and understand all mysteries and all knowledge, and though I have all faith, so that I could remove mountains and have NOT charity, I am NOTHING."

1 Corinthians 13:4, "Charity suffereth long, and is kind, charity envieth not, charity vaunteth not itself, and is NOT puffed up."

Peace be unto you and your family! May the Spirit of GOD protect and keep your family during this Holiday Season!

LOVE is the foundation on which Christianity has been established!

Jan-Hendrik said...

Dear Son of a Bishop, this is what posted on my Facebook page on October 12, after having read your open letter to Bishop Long and seeing your interview: "I respect this man for his courage, his compassion and his spirituality. I hope his wishes come true and that Mr. Long will come out of this ordeal a better man and a force for positive change".

Son of a Bishop said...

Jan Hendrick I really appreciate you for sharing your Facebook comments with me... Thank You!

It is a fact that "nothing" just happens and I sincerely hope that Bishop Long will eventually embrace the gravity of how important it is for him to be an example of Truth and have Integrity in this episode of his life.

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