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Monday, September 10, 2012

Tell The Gospel Truth Bishop Eddie Long, T. D. Jakes, Joel Osteen, Rick Warren & Bishop Charles E. Blake Sr. etc. etc. etc

Bishop Eddie L. Long
Bishop T.D. Jakes
Pastor Joel Osteen
Pastor Rick Warren

Bishop Charles E. Blake Sr.

Tell The Gospel Truth Bishop Eddie Long,  T. D. Jakes, Joel Osteen, Rick Warren & Bishop Charles E. Blake Sr. etc. etc. etc.
By Samuel Marcus Brown

Each of these gentleman are very high profile pastors who've garnered national and international platforms as "Christian Leaders" who speak into the lives of God's people on a weekly basis.
They are to teach and preach 'The Gospel of Jesus Christ' right? Do they really preach 'The Gospel of Jesus Christ' or are they bound to spout and instill the customary prejudiced popular religious traditions of their forefathers?

I am sometimes puzzled and then I become frustrated when I listen to these leaders who are very influential and charismatic; they are very eloquent, intelligent, seminary trained and they fully understand the differences of teaching and preaching from the holy scriptures within the context of the text that they are presenting. If I were to speak in church language; they should be experts in rightly dividing the word of God. Would they rather preach and proclaim scriptural truth or take comfort in those religious traditions that has been ingrained into the brain of church society. Shouldn't the whole truth of the 'Gospel of Jesus Christ' be considered greater than the fear of  breaking flawed religious customs, traditions and doctrines?

Scripturally speaking; it is simply not a truthful, biblical or a Christian principle to condemn and rail against
same gender loving people or marriage equality for same gender loving people.
Jesus The Christ who is the Savior of this world certainly did not... 

We must understand the verses of scripture within the context of the chapter within the text of the King James Version of the bible.
 (please disregard the newer versions of the bible that biased, anti-gay individuals has tampered with and have added the word homosexual and other verbiage to deceive many)
 Leviticus Chapter 20 & Chapter 18 seems to condemn bisexuality of sorts... 
The notorious story of Sodom and Gomorrah in Genesis chapter 19 condemns gang rape just as it condemns gang rape in the extremely horrible story in the 19th chapter of Judges.
 Romans 1st chapter was an incident in the bible that condemned a sect of heterosexual people who whole-heartedly and selfishly rejected God by participating in orgy and idol worship to idol gods of sex and animals. 1st Corinthian 6:9 condemns male prostitutes and their customers. 
The above verses has been used divisively and traditionally to condemn same gender love and same gender loving people. Either of the verses does not have anything to do with love.   

It really makes my skin crawl when these particular progressive forward thinking ministers are pressed for crucial answers on national and international stages & forums speaking to millions of God's people regarding sexuality and their personal beliefs; their canned answers is always the same popular answer that satisfy the masses of their faithful followers; "homosexuality is not God's best choice for people and that they believe that the bible condemns homosexuality and that they are following Christian principles."
I know that they must know better.

I was born and raised in one of the largest and most extreme anti-gay religious organizations; 
The Church of God in Christ better known as C.O.G.I.C which has always had a pretty large number of closeted members which includes the deacons, missionaries, church mothers, ministers, elders, pastors and bishops who fight against their own sexuality. They gladly fall in line with the traditional anti-gay theology  which births ultimate hypocrisy on a very large scale.

Many more years of my life were spent in the congregation as a long time member of the now infamous Bishop Eddie Long's New Birth Missionary Baptist Church. Even though he was known to bash and slash the many gay members in his congregation with cutting and down-right insulting sermons for many years; I still personally felt that he had a greater revelation of truth on the subject matter. I truly felt that he was on his way of becoming bold enough to declare contextual scriptural truth regarding sexuality as he boldly proclaimed truth and broke tradition in various areas of traditional religion in the congregation. I thought that the transparency that he seemed to display at times would supersede him and catapult his ministry to a level beyond the traditional prejudiced religious community. 

I was sadly disappointed about the well known accusations of same sex encounters and the manipulation of several young men in the congregation against Bishop Long and I was much more disgusted when Bishop Long folded like one of the folding chairs in the church's social hall when he was faced with this personal adversity on a grand international level that required him to act with integrity and to lean-on and to not under-estimate the power of TRUTH.

After being indoctrinated in hypocrisy for most of my life; it is yet a struggle to unmask fully to my family and close friends so therefore I still pray for Bishop Long even though I left his congregation almost 2 years ago. 

We are to study and interpret the bible historically correct. The definition of study is to learn about a subject by reading and researching. 
The definition of interpret is to establish or explain the meaning/significance of something. 
The definition of history is the past events of a period in time or in the life or development of a people, an institution, or place.
We should only quote scripture within the context of the matter. 
The definition of context is circumstances or events that form the environment within which something exists or takes place.
Let us stop perverting the gospel of Jesus Christ and giving Christians a bad name with the personal prejudices of man-made religion.

 The TRUTH of God's word understood in it's proper context will always confirm itself... TRUTH always arrives a little later than the speedy popular lies and customary deceptions that people tend to cling-to and engage themselves in... but once old TRUTH arrives it cannot be stopped or reversed; remember Colonial SLAVERY? There are many scriptures in the bible to justify slavery if they are taken outside of the context of which they were written.

 I charge you as Christians and people of God to be guided by the truth of God's love and to lay down the dogma and prejudiced traditions of man's religion and live by the light of  God's love.

I'll leave you with this quote from my little book entitled 'Son of a Bishop, My Testimony' that has resonated with several people who've read it:

"Homosexuality carries such a stigma and a reproach in traditional Christian homes, churches, and the community at large. There are many men and women who will and has gone to great lengths to distort the truth about their own realities. Anytime you seek the approval of people who does not understand your reality and you allow their opinions to cause you to misrepresent your own life; self-hatred and self-destruction will set-in and your whole life of lies and not loving yourself will destroy you."

I would like for you to forward this posting to some of your Christian and non-Christian friends & family.

I would love to hear your comments after you have spent some time perusing this site. If you have an experience that you would like to share and you would like to have it posted/featured on this site, email or just click comment below this line.


Derek said...

Brother Sam,

U made another homerun with this one. You’re so well versed & knowledgeable. It is just too bad that some people that we really need to see & digest this valuable information, won’t or won’t even attempt to see your valid points. I believe people can change for the better. U make that happen when U touch people with this gift of yours. It also gives U good credibility because you’re very eloquent & well spoken.

Great job! I enjoyed this!!

Much love,


Venita Peyton said...

Thank you Samuel. I appreciate your willingness to speak up and am truly sorry for the pain that has been inflicted upon you. Hang in there!!!!

Son of a Bishop said...

Thank you for your response Venita!I really appreciate it...
I just want to help others in pain and help the understanding of those tho inflict pain in God's name.

Ebony Jones said...

Thanks for this....I know of people, be they family or friends who are Happily Gay but grew up in the church with me and are not allowed to be themselves within that setting...they are told that it is wrong, an abomination and that they will go to hell if they don't do something to if THAT type of change is possible. That's like saying, if you're black, just try to make yourself white....WHAT!....are we serious! Anyway, thanks brother. I'll pass this site along to those I know who will benefit greatly from it...If you don't mind...I'd like to feature you in my "The Share Your World Project -A Place where 'You're Not Alone' is more Real than a cliche". What this does is chronicle people from all over the world who have things about them that they want to share with the world, be it a hidden talent, art, or personal story about themselves that they've never shared with anyone and are afraid others won't accept them for. So it stays hidden deep within the "Coffins" of their soul to die and never allowed to escape and become that gift that it could possibly be for the world. The goal is that in reading the profiles of others we may all end up understanding that we're more alike than not and that we share a lot more than we think-when all before, we assumed that
WE WERE THE ONLY ONE...Let's Share Our Worlds!

I'll email you.

Son of a Bishop said...


Thank you for really getting-it and understanding my plight; I thank you in advance for passing this site along to your friends and family who will benefit from what
I 'm sharing. Your comment made my heart smile :) I will be honored to be a part of your "The Share Your World Project" which is really a wonderful and needed outlet.
I will be looking for your email.

Thank You!

Son of a Bishop said...


Thank you for really getting-it and understanding my plight; I thank you in advance for passing this site along to your friends and family who will benefit from what
I 'm sharing. Your comment made my heart smile :) I will be honored to be a part of your "The Share Your World Project" which is really a wonderful and needed outlet.
I will be looking for your email.

Thank You!