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Monday, May 6, 2013

Hey Jason Collins; Jesus has been used again as a Scapegoat by Chris Broussard & other Christians...


Hey Jason Collins; Jesus has been used again as a Scapegoat by Chris Broussard & other Christians...
written by Samuel Marcus Brown

Jason Collins is the first active athlete in major American sports to come out of the closet as gay; history has been made for this act of courage but not without some negative controversial statements from ESPN Analyst Chris Broussard. Broussard basically stuck a pin in Jason Collin's bubble of good energy and good tidings that poured in from his fellow athletes, celebrities, The President of the United States and other politicians. Chris Broussard's critique of Jason Collins is that he is a sinner for proclaiming his truth and Broussard feels justified in his judgment due to the fact that he is a Christian.

The condemnation of gays, homosexuality & same gender love; identifying it as sinful by traditional religious folk is nothing more than an institutionalized prejudiced religious myth.

 Broussard wrote that his belief lies in his religious background. His religious background is just that as he proclaimed. The prejudice that dominates the subject matter of homosexuality stems from his religious background which has very little to do with Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Jesus Christ suffered enough on the cross; why place more suffering by inflicting pain to people in his name.

Jesus the Christ was all about truth and he was so not into the religious traditions of men and their judgments and inconsistencies. Jesus Christ who is the reason for Christianity never ever said a negative word concerning same gender love; the word homosexuality was just added to newer versions of the bible in the 1940s. I sincerely believe that Jesus addressed "sexuality" in the 19th Chapter of Matthew; please click on this link

It took a lot of soul searching and self-evaluating for Jason Collins to understand and embrace his truth after  many years of lying to himself, family and society at large.
It is a very big deal for anyone to finally come into their truth and to find peace within themselves and with God; he should be celebrated for displaying great courage and fortitude.

It is my understanding that the common denominator of most religions and their purposes for the individual soul is to walk in truth, honesty, peace and integrity. It's unfortunate that those common factors are not celebrated by most people in the Christian religion when an individual decides to be authentic and live in their God given truth.
It breaks my heart that it has become business as usual or I should say judgment and condemnation as usual at every hand when we hear or read about another soul who has found their peace with God concerning their  sexuality. This common behavior from church folk forces people to stay in the closet of hypocrisy. Here is an example; click on this link

I am a son of a preacher and a son of the church; I am a product of this religious tradition. I am a Christian man who truly loves the Lord and I too came into my truth as a gay man with my family a little bit later in life than Jason. I sincerely pray that there is some hope left for my Christian brothers and sisters who shake their heads in judgment & disgust; we can sometimes be the most flawed, jacked-up & hypocritical people. But if it wasn't for grace...

Chris Broussard said gays and those living in "unrepentant sin" are "walking in open rebellion to God and Jesus Christ. My focal point is that the bible does not define same gender love as sin; the scriptures quoted by church folk to condemn homosexuality, gay people & same gender love has absolutely nothing to do with love. The King James Version Bible scriptures in the book of Leviticus 20:13 addressed bisexuality of sorts for the Israelites. The story of Sodom and Gomorrah  in Genesis Chapter 19 condemned gang rape with a parallel story in Judges Chapter 19. The story in the 1st chapter of Romans addressed a group of people who became God haters turning from God to worship idol gods of sex and then participated in orgies. 1st Corinthians 6:9 condemned male prostitution & their customers.
The Gospel of Jesus Christ does not condemn same gender love or marriage equality.

I truly believe that the leaders of today's Christian religion should repent for the unloving rebellion against gay people and same gender love which is truly and clearly not a choice of any of God's creation; they should repent for misrepresenting God's love & his sovereignty.

I would really love to see the body of Christ (Christians) really mature and re-study the bible, understand it within it's proper context and then execute it's wonderful virtues; veering away from the teachings and preachings of our forefathers who ignorantly & divisively misunderstood the subject matter of same gender love. 

Samuel Marcus Brown

Here is full article article about Jason Collins

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D. Matt said...

Your caption is award winning material in itself!!! It speaks volumes. It’s just too bad that most of the people who need “to get it”…just don’t. That’s why it’s good when we do see people changing their narrow-minded opinions once they’re educated.

You’re brilliant!!!

D. Matt said...


To me..this was nothing short of brilliant! I SO wish Chris Broussard could read this!!! Can u get it 2 him? I’m serious. Your words are so compelling & I would hope it could make him think!!! U know what I mean?
I also LOVE your letter 2 Obama!!! It was so touching . I don’t know what else 2 say!!!!

I’m sending this 2 my friends & loved ones. My twin brother enjoys your work as well & he definitely wasn’t always on board!!!(smile) Now he’s awesome!!!

Much love,


Son of a Bishop said...

D. Matt,
Man,I know exactly what you mean. I really wish that I could get this post to Chris Broussard; I will certainly try…
Making people think outside of their mindset is exactly what I want to do. Man I really appreciate you and thank you for your unwavering support and your words of encouragement; they help to keep me motivated.
I love how you and your twin brother’s relationship has been unfolding with real love and understanding; you guys have a very interesting story within itself. You should write about it… 
Life is all about growing and getting a better understanding of what you don’t quite get or may have misunderstood.

Much love right back atcha… 