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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Preachers and Leaders, Are They Facing Reality?

Gay Pastor Confession May Draw More Compassion
Lillian Kwon
Christian Post Reporter

Congregants of the mega church Grace Chapel are broken yet standing firm after their lead pastor confessed to homosexual struggles. Much like evangelical pastor Ted Haggard, the Rev. Paul Barnes will be led through counseling, which had failed him in earlier attempts.

"I have struggled with homosexuality since I was a 5-year-old boy," Barnes said in the 32- minute video, which church leaders permitted The Denver Post to view. "... I can't tell you the number of nights I have cried myself to sleep, begging God to take this away."
His wife, Char, cradled his hand. Barnes declined an interview request through the church.
Mega church Pastor Confesses to Gay Encounters
Ted Haggard Begins 'Restoration'
Barnes, 54, started Grace Chapel 28 years ago in his basement as he carried homosexual feelings, which he described as "my thorn in the flesh." He was in counseling three times before he made his public confession.
Lillian Kwon

Preachers and Leaders, Are They Facing Reality?

OK, Here is my observation:

Have our pastors and church leaders become consumed with the popular traditional, religious and political views of banning gay marriages and preaching the unadulterated gospel of condemning homosexual "sin" and damnation to all who are blameworthy? Could it be that they are ignoring the possibility that their interpretations of the scriptures on the subject matter of homosexuality may be erroneous. Could it be that it is their pride and prejudice that raises their "holy indignation" preventing them from reconsidering the traditional literal interpretations of the bible instead of investigating the scriptures for illumination and clarity on a subject matter that is so- real in the hearts and minds of many people in society and a numerous amount of their congregants.

Why does the subject matter of homosexuality bring about such great debate; I'm sure that this same type of great debate occurred many years ago on the controversial subject matters of slavery, civil rights, the silence of women in the church, voting rights for women and etc.

Preaching at people and telling them that they were not born with natural homosexual desires, convincing people that homosexuality is an evil spirit that they must be delivered from does not serve an individual's soul and spiritual needs. Encouraging individuals to suppress their natural homosexual desires and to follow the path of traditional heterosexual dating and marriage which sometimes leads to living a lifestyle of passive-deception; Whatever happened to the quote:

"To thine self be true".

Has the traditional religious community totally missed the mark?

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HisLoveCoversMe said...

Well said. Our religious leaders are not willing to face reality. Good Post!

D. Matt said...


I'm go glad u sent this 2 me. I've read thru the 1st part of this & I find it extremely interesting. It's so great 2 me, because some of my thoughts & views R in agreement with the article. I'm glad that articles like this R being written & put out there. There is so much ignorance in the world when it comes 2 Homosexuality. Even though this article may not make a difference 2 someone who firmly believes that Homosexuality is a "choice" , it still may make someon who does believe that way "think" about it. I do know 4 a fact that my twin brother's perception has changed 4 the better. He knows now & understands that I didn't "choose" 2 B this way & he loves & accepts me & now he has gay friends.
Some of them R his frat brothers. (He's a KAPPA) He's teaching his sons tolerance & about diversity & about not being judgmental . It's wonderful!!!
Thanks 4 sharing this. I can't wait 2 read the rest of this!!!! U R the man!!!!!

B Well,


JL said...

Hey man..I finally read a whole days
Those are some powerful messages you are giving the people..I will talk with u later...
Jarret Law

Anonymous said...

Absolutely awesome!!

What a privilege it is to finally find someone who is serious about their spirituality and not view their sexuality as an "abomination". I'm really going to need your help. To be honest with you, I know what I feel but I can't back it up scripturally. Tell me... where do we start? Where do I start?

The conversations that I have with close friends of mine who are in ministry are those concerning the depiction of Sodom and Gomorrah in scripture. We agree that what God condemn was the lasciviousness of the people - the orgy-like behavior and not the homosexuality (because there were heterosexuals, bisexuals, etc. involved). Are we on the right track?

TV said...


Well I am glad I came across your site. A total stranger sent the link to me. I've really longed
for something like this. It's refreshing when there's
someone who can identify with me. Just to know that I
can talk to you is a blessing. I look forward to
our dialogue.

I am happy that you took that step with you dad, that
is something that I can only dream about!! (lol) I
hate to say it like that but that is how I feel. Have
you ever felt like if you can change one thing about
yourself that it'll be that? I used to!! Sometimes I
wonder if I still do feel that way. It just scares me
to disappoint my family, and in my mind my reveal
thing would be the ultimate betrayal.

Anyway I won't keep you, I'm sure we'll talk more
about that. Thanks again for this avenue. I've always
felt alone, not really having anyone to talk to or who
understands. Be blessed.

Until nest time,

Anonymous said...

Whatever happenned to 1 corinthians 6:9,10? I personally am going through the same struggle. the king james version says "abusers of themselves with mankind" we ALL know that anal sex abuses the anus of the man. so according to that verse people who do that, AND all those other things listed will not inherit the kingdom of God. regardless of if we think we were born that way or not. are we forgetting our lords command at Mark 8:34???

Samuel Marcus Brown said...


Thank you for taking out the time to view this site. I realize that after being told all of your life... and the constant programming of the traditional interpretations of the scriptures on the subject of homosexuality has been a total negative and self loathig experience. My burden is to see people like you come outside of that traditional box (mindset) of the interpretations of the scriptures on the subject matter of homosexuality and to understand those scriptures with clarity and illumination with the love of Christ. Staying in that traditional self loathing mind set will always take you back to the traditional Laws of the old covenant before Jesus Christ and the New Covenant. Homosexuality is not sin, sexual abuse is sin.

No one who truly loves themself and has a real relationship with Christ (serving him with their whole heart in spirit and in truth) will abuse themself physically or sexually. We all have to deny ourselves daily of our sinful nature and seek God for his love and his peace to abide in our hearts.