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Monday, December 31, 2007

Pastor Pedophile, Part 2

When Nameless Ned forwarded Part 2 of "Pastor Pedophile" to be posted,(be sure to scroll down and read Part 1 first) my first thoughts were: "I can't post this! Or he is going to have to clean this up, this is a Christian blogsite!" Then I came to myself :) Nameless Ned is writing about a real and truthful part of his life and who am I and why would I try to stop or whitewash this reality. Truth and reality is the sole purpose of this blogsite.

As you continue to read Part 2 of "Pastor Pedophile" you will see how Nameless Ned graphically explained how this Pastor(a respected leader in the community) totally took advantage of an innocent young boy who obviously already had an attraction for the same gender. However, it infuriates me anytime that an adult decides to involve themselves sexually with a heterosexual or homosexual minor in order to fulfill their sick, selfish, perverted control-issues that has not been properly dealt with from their childhood. The same thing or something similar probably happened to them as a child and then the madness becomes a cycle into their adulthood. Unfortunately, the innocent victim sometimes think and feel that they are in love, not realizing that a serious crime has been committed against them.


My First Love, (Continued)

I became nervous as we were pulling up to the hotel thinking to myself, what have I got myself into. I was asked to wait in the car while he got the room, so I did.
When he came back with the room number Mr. B said I'm hungry lets order room service.

The room was nice Mr. B liked to stay is some of the best places in town he said. We sat at a little round table and ate our breakfast when he looked up at me and said, I like your eyes, you have bedroom eyes, I smiled and thanked him thinking to myself, what are bedroom eyes? They must be nice because he likes them. Mr. B layed on the King sized bed and beckoned me with a hand motion to come join him. I laid there next to him as still as a rock, not knowing what to do when all of a sudden he rolled on top of me.

As we laid there he asked me a question, do you like me man? I said sure, but he said but what? I asked him what time it was and he said what time do you have to be home I said 10:00 o'clock, he said its ten now!!! As he began to grind up and down on me.
I wondered to myself what time does he need to be at church he has to preach this morning.

One thing led to another and before I knew it I was naked. he reached in his bag which he always has with him and brought out a small jar of Vaseline, I whispered what are you going to do with that? He said I'll show you if you trust me, do you trust me? I said yea, then relax.
He put the Vaseline on his member and slid it between my legs and started pounding, he told me to squeeze my legs tight so that he could feel it which I did, he pumped and pumped until he started sweating over me, then the force became harder and harder and until I felt something wet in between my legs. He said, damn that was good, you alright? until next time.

Nameless Ned

Stay tuned for Part 3.

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Anonymous said...

I don't agree with what the Pastor did at all.

Born Blessed said...

That Pastor should have been exposed. He didn't even consider what he was doing to this boy mentally and he undoubtedly had no regard for that boy's family and his own family who probably attended his church. What a nasty and selfish person.

fuzzy said...

He is a very nasty person and I am appalled at what he just did. He is playing on this boy's emotions and respect for him as a leader! Totally Incorrect!

Anonymous said...

Homosexuality ... in the church ... ? The argument that the defenders of this position are making is, "...this is the way they were born, they can't change ... it is cruel to make them change." My answer: why should homosexuality get singled out above all other sins? Is this sin uniquely exempt from repentance? The gospel tells us that we ALL cannot change and each of us is in a similar condition to the homosexual, prior to regeneration. We are all born with a condition that we cannot change: Its called total depravity. By nature we are all morally impotent to obey God's commands let alone believe the gospel ... yet we all remain culpable for these transgressions (Rom 3:19, 20). If homosexuality can be exempt because people claim that they are born that way, then I guess this makes us all exempt from repenting of our various sins that we cannot naturally escape from ... this basically renders Christianity void of all supernatural truth. If God cannot change any of us then the future is indeed bleak for us all because it means that Christianity is false. But in truth, homosexuality is just like any other sin. If I am born a bigot and a man of pride and cannot change this by nature, does this exempt me from obedience to God in this area? Shall I give up trying to change my coveting because I was born with such a desire? Any so-called church, therefore, that encourages homosexual unions or any other sin (Matt 5:19) has therefore abandoned the faith and has embraced a cultural construct for which they will be held accountable. This also includes conservatives who are bigoted against people who are homosexuals. Conservatives must also repent of their sin of trusting in their own righteousness because God didn't save you because you were pure or because of something good He saw in you but rather, because of His sheer grace, plus nothing. The conservative religionist is as equally deserving of God's wrath as the homosexual. Nor does God sustain us because we are pure but solely because of the blood of Jesus Christ. It is on Him alone we can plead forgiveness. We don't need moral reformation in our lives (band-aid)but need to be born again. A supernatural change of our disposition which results in repentance and belief in the gospel... and this new disposition of heart means our delight is in the law of God.