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Friday, March 21, 2008


This posting is very dear to my heart after 1 year of having an epiphany about how I could serve God’s people by addressing the spiritual and scriptural needs of God’s love for Same Gender Loving people from a non-traditional perspective. This posting echoes and embraces just about all of my personal and spiritual convictions with very profound scriptural soundness in dealing with homosexuality and the bible. I have included an excerpt from the Rev. Dr. Mel White’s bio. It is crucial that you double click on the link at the end of this posting in order to read this Powerful Biblical Response to the Question People Often Ask… “How can you consider yourself a Christian when you are also gay?”

Hopefully I have served you well with the monthly and sometimes bi-monthly postings which has included excerpts from my personal testimony “Son of a Bishop,” news articles, and other submissions of truth and reality peppered with my personal editorial.

Samuel M. Brown


The Rev. Dr. Mel White has been a Christian minister, author, and filmmaker all his adult life. Raised as an evangelical Christian, taught that homosexuality was a sin, he fought to overcome his own homosexual orientation for decades in all ways available to him: prayer, psychotherapy, exorcism, electric shock, marriage and family. That struggle and his halting, poignant steps to understand and accept his homosexuality, reconcile it with his Christian faith, and express his sexuality respectfully and responsibly, are described in his book "Stranger at the Gate: To Be Gay and Christian in America," published in 1994. His latest book, "Religion Gone Bad - The Hidden Dangers of Fundamentalism," published in 2006.
“How can you consider yourself a Christian when you are also gay?”
Here are the 8 premises that he has laid out for you.
1. Most people have not carefully and prayerfully researched the Biblical texts used by some people to condemn God's lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender children.
2. Historically, people's misinterpretation of the Bible has left a trail of suffering, bloodshed, and death.
3. We should be open to new truth from Scripture. Even heroes of the Christian faith have changed their minds about the meaning of various Biblical texts.
4. The Bible is a book about God. The Bible is not a book about human sexuality.
5. We miss what these passages say about God when we spend so much time debating what they say about sex.
6. The Biblical authors are silent about homosexual orientation as we know it today. They neither approve it nor condemn it.
7. The prophets, Jesus, and the Biblical authors say nothing about homosexual orientation as we understand it today. But, they are clear about this one thing. As we search for truth, we are to "Love one another."
8. Whatever some people believe the Bible seems to say about homosexuality, they must not use that belief to deny homosexuals their basic civil rights. To discriminate against sexual or gender minorities is unjust and un-American.

Rev. Dr. Mel White
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One Man’s Opinion said...

I didn't have time to read everything, but wanted you to know that I dropped by. Peace and happy Easter, sir.

born blessed said...

This posting is one of the most comprehensive ways of understanding the scriptures that conventional religion uses to condemn SGL people.

Curious said...

One of the reasons why I am not religious is because I have often wondered how can anyone who is gay belong to a church or even some other group where they condemn you for who you are? I've also wondered, how can you be a christian and condemn someone for being who God made them out to be. Surely, this is not the religion that I was taught as a child. And yet, maybe it was.

Anyway, I've read the post and the pdf file, and I think I will have to come back a day or 2 from now to read it again and see if it answers my questions. Or maybe I already know the answer and I just need to be affirmed.

Good post. You've got me thinking in all 6 ways.

Son of a Bishop said...

One man, Thanks for dropping by, I always appreciate your comments, drop in again with your thoughts.

Born Blessed, you nailed it. I truly believe that you were born blessed :)

Curious, you have great insight and logic. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I certainly hope that your questions will be answered. Please come back again and peruse the entire site and hopefully you will see and realize that your relationship with God and your scriptural interpretation is spiritual and not to be compared to mans religious biased interpretations of the scriptures and their methodologies.

Anonymous said...

OMG! Are you serious?!? This is crap! I can shoot this stuff apart one by one with scripture. I honestly don't know what spirit you're reading the bible in, but I know whatever it maybe, it is TOTALLY wrong!

Can you be a Christian and gay? Yes, but I have to question, what is a "Christian" in this perspective?

Son of a Bishop said...


Concerning "shooting this stuff apart one by one with scripture.

If you are talking about that venomous traditional religious "stuff" that you have been spewing in your comments in my postings and other blogsites and your now removed blogsite; you don't have a leg to stand-on.
The traditional religious interpretations of the scriptures that are used so divivesly against homosexual people has now been debunked.

Captain, I fully understand you being a gay/homosexual man who has been indoctrinated by religiosity/church traditions that teaches you that your homosexuality (that God already knows about) is evil and of the devil and that you must be delivered from this ungodly nature and that it is not ordained by God and not a part of his holy nature.

Captain, hopefully you will take this advise:

Stop asking God to change your authenticity (God made you) and start asking God for his will to be done in your life; I guarantee you will become a pleasant and happier person and you will be able to focus all of that negative energy and your holy indignation in a more positive and Godly manner.

Son of a Bishop said...


I read the bible and serve the Lord in Spirit and in Truth. Not in conventional religious form and fashion that has been embraced by the Traditional Religious Community.

Anonymous said...

What I know is not a product of religous ideology or ill-formalized theology, what I know is spirit and truth confirmed with the word of God. The bible is not just a book, it is a testament, a recorded path of our heritage and promises of our destiny in revelation.

I agree, we should ask God for his will to be done, but the problem is that we want to hold on to the old, the vile, the corruptable, the sin, the deception, the lies, which is why the new cannot come. Thus, salvation in failure.