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Thursday, February 21, 2008

A Preacher from St. Louis

Grace & Peace Son of a Bishop:

I read your blog for the first time today and it was inspiring and a blessing all in one...It blessed me to see that finally someone is standing up to the "church" and sharing the real meaning of "The Love of Christ". I especially can relate to attending hundreds of Revival, Conferences, Prayer Meetings and watching my own Mother "cast the homosexual devil" out of my peers but could never see that her own child was battling with the same thing...I never knew how the "out of town anointed prophet" could never see that I had a "problem", but could call out everyone around me and all their issues.
I finally decided to come out to my mother last year and to this day, IT IS NOT A DISCUSSION! Its like it never happened...Being a licensed Minister myself, it never changed the fact that I love God, His word, and his people even the more. My mother still comes to hear me preach, she invites me to her church to preach but never addressed our conversation last year... Moving forward in Ministry, I'm preparing to launch my own Church in the coming year. I was wondering what advise would you give for a Gay Pastor launching out in the East St Louis / St Louis area where this type of ministry is not accepted so easily?

Thank you for your time and cooperation.
Kingdom Blessings,

Minister in St. Louis

I answered his question concerning his advise request with the following response:

My advice to you is to just preach the word of God and the Love of Christ without the traditional, religious, prejudicial discrimination. Your congregants will follow suit as a non-judgmental congregation. Your church will then grow and develop a reputation in the community as a place that they can attend and be taught about the Love of Christ and not be judged. Then allow God's glory to radiate in that neighborhood and through-out the rest of the city.
Be blessed,
Samuel M. Brown

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born blessed said...

I will be sure to seek out and find your church if I ever come to St. Louis in the future.

fuzzy said...

I am sure the mother saw whatever was in her son. Whether it was disbelief ir denial, she knew. It is not such an easy thing to acknowledge to oneself about a family member, being affiliated with the church...

Son of a Bishop said...


I agree with you. It is the mother and in some cases the father who has that strong intuition of their child's differences. It has been 2 years since I initally shared my truth and reality with my parents; my mother seems to be the one who is struggling the hardest to deal with it... mainly because I have come forth with such strong spiritual and scriptural convictions (which conflicts with my traditional religious upbringing) my father surprisingly displays the utmost respect.

One Man’s Opinion said...

Hey, son of a bishop. Have you seen the video of the pastor that uses the word "tits" from the pulpit and calls Obama the anti-christ?

Son of a Bishop said...
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Son of a Bishop said...

One Man's opinion,

LOL! No, I havent seen that video

Whoops, LOL! I didn't complete the email adddress in previous comment I just deleted.

Can you forward the video to my email address? LOL!

Anonymous said...
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