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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Non-Gay Evangelist Speaks Out Loud And Clear!

Just when I was thoroughly convinced that most all of the old-school “saints of old” (that’s what we called the seasoned holy ghost- filled bible grounded men & women in the Church of God in Christ where I grew up) just as I thought that they were all stuck in a time capsule and were possessed by the traditions of men and had no illumination & no new revelation of the word of God when it comes to the truth about homosexuality… I ran across “The Testimony of Evelyn Schave.” As I read her testimony; my soul was touched and lifted because I was totally convinced that she was definitely from the old school of traditional holiness and as she said in her own words “I was raised in the old conservative, Pentecostal, "everything's a sin" movement.”

After I read her testimony I wanted & needed more. I sent her an email and we began to correspond, she sent me a copy of her wonderful book. A few weeks later Sister Evelyn Schave told me in an email that she and her husband would be in Atlanta for a 3 day revival service and I replied that I would make it my business to attend that Sunday Morning Service.

Meeting Sister Evelyn and Brother Dennis Schave (Dennis conducts their seminars) and having that opportunity to see and hear her minister the unadulterated word of God in her traditional old school fashion yet reaching out to those men and women who were broken, backslidden and casted out of their traditional churches due to their homosexuality was quite humbling and one of the most electrifying church services that I’ve ever witnessed as tears flowed continuously down my face. She preached a message of restoration & inclusion to former ministers of the gospel who she called “Stragglers” those who’ve fallen behind due to feeling unwanted and unworthy to take their rightful place in the body of Christ (the church). She and Brother Dennis ministered to, prayed for and embraced the people as some fell to their knees crying for the atmosphere was filled with the love and comforting spirit of God.

Why was that church revival service one of the most loving and electrifying experiences that I’ve ever witnessed? Understand that it was the “living and the dead seasoned saints of old” that includes Sister Evelyn & Dennis’s generation that set the tone and put in motion the movement that interprets scripture to condemn homosexuality in today’s society. I am so grateful that Sister Evelyn & Brother Dennis allowed God to lead them into that “life-changing restudying of His Word” I pray that others will do the same.

Please contact Sister Evelyn and Brother Dennis and purchase her life changing book for $5.00.
They are one of the most humble and sweetest couples that you could ever meet, yet they are healthy, anointed and packed with the power of love & truth. Sister Evelyn says: You may wish to contact me. I encourage it. I am on call and will travel anywhere I'm needed. Feel free to write to me:
7210 Birchtree Forest Drive
Houston, TX 77088
Phone: (281) 447-4756

Click here to read Sister Evelyn’s Testimony
Samuel Marcus Brown

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D. Matt said...

Wow, man…Those Schaves seem like the kind of couple I’d love to sit down with & talk with for hours. You can even see the love in their eyes in their photograph. This was an awesome article . It makes you want to meet them face to face!!!!


Son of a Bishop said...

D. Matt,

You would absolutely love them.

Faris Malik said...

Hi Samuel,

Good for the Schave's. I wish my own Christian fundamentalist relatives were as open to God speaking to them.

Also thanks for the previous posting about Matthew 19:12 and the "eunuchs who are born so..." It is gratifying to see the comments from your readers!

Peace and blessings,
Faris Malik

Son of a Bishop said...

Hello Faris,

Please forgive me for rearranging your name I definitely got it now.

I too am hopeful that my Christian fundamentalist relatives will become open to God speaking to them as well.
The Schaves are testimonies of hope that God can change the heart of the seemingly "hopeless traditionalist". Their testimony is truly amazing.

Faris, I just want you to know that your years and years of research and study about the eunuch is "God-sent" and you really should know that it is helping to deliver many confused and lost souls; I've had conversations with people that has not been recorded in email or on the blogsite. I am very grateful and thankful for this tremendous gift that you have decided to share with the world.