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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Anniversary of the Bishop Long Scandal approaching; I was interviewed by BET as a gay member...

Black Entertainment Television (B.E.T) News Correspondent Tony Anderson conducted an interview with me; Samuel Brown as a gay New Birth Missionary Baptist Church member since 1993 (now former member) last year in October 2010.

When the scandal first surfaced in September 2010 I gave my then pastor and spiritual leader the "benefit of the doubt" in sincerely trusting that he would have fully understood the gravity of displaying honesty and integrity at such a time as this... was that too much to expect?
This is what I wrote in my open letter to Bishop Long.

As a believer and follower of the teachings of Jesus Christ; granting forgivness to one another is a given... losing trust & respect for a spiritual leader is a completely different ball game.

You’ll have to understand my background and my aspirations in order to understand why I stayed at New Birth for so long even in the midst of the stormy infamous homophobic sermons and the "notorious march".
I would like to address those of you who just don’t understand.

I was raised in a very large traditional religious family where both my parents were and are ministers in the notoriously brutal anti-gay Church of God In Christ organization
(that is simply the truth) there is still much that I love about C.O.G.I.C due to my roots.

I have always loved the Lord and the church and have always had a heart to worship and please the Lord. After years of feeling personally bashed by the church, I continued to fellowship with the “saints.”

After moving to Atlanta to attend Morehouse College and finally joining New Birth a few years later. New Birth became a breathe of fresh air compared to where I came from… in spite of the negative attacks that came across the pulpit against innately born homosexual people. I was finally forced to rely on my strong convictions that my mentor Jesus Christ loved and accepted me just the way that I was made by God. Although I really tried, I could never receive those nasty messages from the traditional organized church that I would be “damned to hell” and that I was “not in the Lord’s will” due to the authenticity of my innermost being.

One day I read a book entitled “What the Bible Really Says About Homosexuality” by Daniel Helminiak Ph.D. I read that book and many others of that genre including a Bishop Long book a few years later entitled “Gladiator, Strength of Man” This book transforms men into gladiators that stand against injustice amidst impossible odds. My life has not been the same since that spring of 2000. I finally got my footing; I have grown spiritually in the most non-traditional religious manner and I truly know my purpose.

My heart is filled with joy when I visit Pastor O.C Allen’s “Vision Church of Atlanta”, Pastor Dennis Meredith’s “Tabernacle Baptist Church” Pastor Randy Morgan’s “New Covenant Church of Atlanta", Bishop Jim Swilley’s Church in the Now and Dr. Kenneth Samuel’s “Victory for the World Church” these and a few other churches provides a refuge of inclusion to the traditionally renounced individual.

In the bible at the Last Supper before Jesus was crucified; he had a conversation with Simon who is known as Peter and this is what he said: Luke 22:31And the Lord said, Simon, Simon, behold, Satan hath desired to have you, that he may sift you as wheat: 32But I have prayed for thee, that thy faith fail not: and when thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren. This is what I have been charged to do; strengthen my same gender loving brothers and sisters who have not yet found refuge by sharing my blog site with Bishop & Mrs. Long, his staff and other members of the church and the community at large for the last few years. I have also self-published my personal testimony entitled “Son of a Bishop, My Testimony” the tool that I used to “come-out” to my parents with in 2005. I am prepared and ready to eradicate the prejudice and the ignorance that surrounds sexuality which prevents people from completely loving and embracing one another around the world.
You may click on the title of this posting that will link you to the complete transcript of my B.E.T News interview.

Samuel Marcus Brown

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D.C. said...

LOL....good morning...

Yes, its past 6 a.m.....and I haven't been to sleep all night (long story)....and was just on your blog page. First of all, I have to say thank God for a friend of mine who sent your link to me. I just wanted to also thank you for having the courage to be so fearless and revealing. Sooooooo many of us are having the same struggles. And the struggles come in so many different varieties. I found your blog to be refreshing and confirming. I am going through my own spiritual renewal at the moment and perhaps will share with you at another time. However, in short, I am a Black gay man, about to turn 50 next year (unbelievable) who has known his sexuality all his life....grew up in Evangelicism...father an Elder of the church....etc., etc. I am constantly having to fight depressive episodes due to not living a truely authentic life, especially in respect to true intimacy and actually believing that I will ever have a meaningful and fruitful relationship (never even been in love....and almost 50.....pathetic!!! LOL) But I have withdrawn from the church world for some time now, trying to figure out just what I have been doing all this for and why? I feel that God has been bringing certain things across my path, such as Rev. Carlton Pearson's book..and now your blog. Things that are helping me find a clearer road, without all the superfluous church chatter!

Although I do not blog, I have many continuous conversations/discussions going with a handful of close friends who are struggling...that could really be turned into one! I will certainly be forwarding your link to several more people in order to stimulate our dialogue further. I really look forward to your continued submissions.

God Bless,

Son of a Bishop said...

Hello D.C.,

I must first tell you that your comment has touched my heart in such a very special way; I am humbled that you took the time to pour out your soul in such a truthful and intelligent manner. Thank you for the compliments; I am still a work in progress; you would have never ever seen me in this light 5+ years ago (I'm talking seriously paranoid)
With our very similar backgrounds/parallels in religion. I completly understand where you were and where you are in your walk right now... I have been there and I have many friends who has the same experiences.

Living a truly authentic life is truly the key to life and happiness. We are sometimes so fearful of what the people/family/friends etc. may say or think of our truth if we were to display our real nakedness (not literally :)
Real love is not fearful and it does not torment you; so basically those who really love you for who you really are will love and respect you regardless and those who love only the facade that you or I may portray; we really don't have room for them in our lives at this point in life, they need to move-on.

I have so much respect for Rev. Carlton Pearson because of what he demonstrates; in what I just mentioned in the above paragraph.

It's amazing to me how the saints are more comfortable with those who fake deliverance for the sake of traditional religion and then it is those same saints who are really just waiting for the real truth to come out even if it takes years and years... LOL

D.C., I sincerely pray for your inner peace (you're pretty much there from your own assessment) and that intimate relationship that you desire because I am a firm believer that God will indeed give you your heart's desire; it will happen as long as you don't settle for some untoward character or situation that is not worthy. I sincerely thank you for writing and sharing with me.